April 30, 2013

One Piece's Chopper Nail Art Tutorial

One Piece fans are gonna love this tutorial! :D

Ita-nails (痛ネイル) are currently booming with popularity in Japan. It means nails decorated with anime nail art. Isn't that awesome??? \(^V^)/

My favourite Ita-nails artist is Nakayama Chieko-sensei! Her nail arts never fails to amaze me! She does nail art for celebrities and models such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, ReNo, Mapipi and many more!

Today's tutorial will be a simple Ita-nail nail art of Chopper from One Piece! Ita-nails might look complicated to draw but they are actually pretty easy. If you have watched videos on youtube on how to draw anime using digital art, you'll find the steps pretty similar then! (^^) Basically, it's just layering one step after another.

What you'll need are:
❤ Base Coat
❤ Nail varnish of desired colour
❤ Acrylic Paint
❤ Fine tip brushes
❤ Top Coat

1. First of all, you'll need to apply one layer of Base Coat then two layers of nail varnish like how you will usually paint your nails. Remember to let the previous layer dry before applying another layer!

2. Using Acrylic Paint, paint the body and head of Chopper. Then, add on its hat and cape. Once you're done, you can mix a darker pink tone for the shading and paint wherever necessary. Next, paint on the eyes, nose and mouth and the X on it's hat.

My tip for nail art is to practice before you draw onto your own nails. Whether it's on a paper or better still, on false nail tips, once you've got the hang of it it'll be a breeze! (^^)

3. With a firm hand, line where necessary with black and add in the final details such as eyes and facial features. Finish it up with top coat and you're done!

If you're wondering why I used acrylic paint instead of nail polish for nail art, that's because acrylic paint do not dry as fast as nail polish do. When nail polish dries, you'll get a gooey texture which makes it hard to do any nail art. However, if you're only doing dotting designs it's still fine to use nail polish but be sure to be quick! Trust me, using acrylic paint will enable you to create more designs! (^^)v

I had the nail art on for a week and it lasted pretty well! Everyone who saw it was amazed when I told them it was drawn on! I feel really happy when someone notices my little effort on small details like this! (^^) I enjoy drawing nail art but sadly I can never draw them on my right hand (T T) Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to request for nail art tutorials!
April 17, 2013


Tested out my webcam today!

College life had been busy lately! Don't worry, I'm not stressed out at all about the amount of work given everyday. I somehow manage to clear them off hahaha!

I hadn't had enough sleep last night as I was woken up several times by my cats which ran around my room and over me while I was sleeping. Lack of sleep makes me really gloomy and down. D: Good things happened today though! My english teacher surprised us with a home baked chocolate cake! She's a serious aura all the time so we were really taken aback by her kindness!

Anyways, I just got my new laptop the previous weekend and I'm really happy to be able to own a laptop of my own! Not needing to share it with others and having absolute private in things I do (I don't mean dirty stuff in case your thoughts went sideways XD). I'm a rather shy person and I hardly ever blog in front of my family members even though my mom knew the existence of this blog, haha!

It's weird that I don't mind people who are close to me to read my blog but I get really uneasy when someone is watching me editing the photos and typing out my blog content. I'm sure some of you can relate to that, can't you?

I had been trying to make friends for the past two weeks. I pretty much talked to most of my classmates and made some friends in the progress, however it seem to me that I still haven't found a group to settle with. Finding friends is not that easy. You find someone which you think is good, yet after some while you find that both of you can't click with each other.

And that progress just have to go on and on until you find someone trustable.

But of course, there are some friends who stick to me (^^;) I like it though, somehow, even it may annoy me sometimes as they 'bombard' me with lots of questions as I feel that I get to learn at the same time. Keeping my mindset positive and being less selfish helps a lot in socializing with others.

Making friends in college is part of college life experience. Keeping your mindset at your college goal and having fun at the same time is important. I always feel that people whom you meet at various stages of your life has a meaning to it. People don't just appear out of the blue you see, even if they may not be the ones that you click with but if you think carefully, these people will help you grow mentally too. And I am grateful to have meet them.

I must admit that it feels really good to allocate some time daily and just pour out my feelings in text. I may not be close to my readers at a personal level, but it always makes me feel good to know that there at at least some people who are reading my feelings. I really appreciate all your support! Every comment makes me smile and they always lighten up my mood no matter how short they are. Thank you :)
April 14, 2013

EOS Fuzzy Petal Pink review

What's better than wearing PINK lenses for this Sakura season?

Mukuchu has recently sent me a pair of EOS Fuzzy Petal Pink lenses and they are really pretty! :D It's my first time wearing pink lenses so I was really excited to try them on!

Indoor lightning

These pink lenses are so eye captivating! If you have darker eye make up, they would stand out even more! I think they are perfect for parties, a night out with your friends or for those who wants to focus attention on their eyes! :D

Close up

I wore them for around 10 hours and they only got a little dry and uncomfortable after my classes. It's inadvisable to wear lenses for excess long hours but I have to get ready at 6am every morning and only take them off in the car ride home which is around 4pm. I hate taking out my lenses halfway throughout the day if I still can tolerate the dryness but these are still pretty alright compared to some which made my vision blur and uncomfortable. #vain

With flash

B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.8mm

Colour/design: ★★★★
These light pink lenses are unique in terms of colour however the design is not much to be impressed about. As most lenses, they have a black outer rim for a dolly effect but they can look mesmerizing as well. However, because it stands out a lot, these might be unsuitable for those who wants a more subtle effect.

Comfort: ★★★★
I feel that they are really comfortable and I had no problem wearing them for long hours. Even while looking at presentation slides for a long period of time, they still feel comfortable while worn, in fact, I sometimes forget that I even had them on!

Enlargement: ★★
Yes, these do enlarge your eyes as most lenses do. For dolly eyes enlargement, I would say that they are slightly lacking in that part. Yet, as these have a black outer rim, they can still give an illusion of enlargement. To me, these lenses aren't about enlarging your eyes, but they capture attention to your eyes and creates a mesmerizing effect.

I would recommend these lenses for those who wants their eyes to stand out. I really love these because of how it differs from the usual, yes, I like to stand out XD Comfort is a must to me for lenses as I tend to wear them for long hours so if that doesn't satisfy me, I would simply put them away until they are expired lol! But who doesn't want their lenses to be comfortable? I can't stand blinking the whole day and making my eyes suffer. > <
April 7, 2013

College Life

The blog is not dead yet! I'm sorry that there hasn't been any updates for the past month. Let's just say that I was pretty occupied with college preparation.

Our orientation was on April Fool's itself but gladly no one played any tricks on me :D It was a really fun orientation but as soon as I reached home and had dinner, my body laid itself on the bed and when I was awake again it was the next morning already.

There are lots of activities going on at Taylors College all the time, so it's not just bland college life filled with studies. We even had a class party last friday! But it was meant to break the ice between ourselves since it's still our first week. (^^;) I really do hope that we will have more class activities together, after all it should be fun having new friends in college even though we're only going to be studying together for 7 months... (._.) Yeah, that's right, I'm taking an express SAM programme so I foresee a huge load of tasks to be completed.

To be honest, the speed we're studying at is just right for me! I think that if we had been taking it really slow like the January intakes, I would've been lazing around most of the time by now. But getting things done asap is my virtue!

My aim in college? To score well and get into university and making as much friends as possible!

I'm tired of being introversive all the time when I was in secondary school. Unable to express myself or give opinions due to extreme shyness and lack of confidence made me really depressed deep inside. But I thought, why would I want to keep quiet when I am given the right to express myself? What is wrong with speaking up? I realised that all these while I had been sitting down and waiting for others to approach me to talk but why did't I take the initiative to voice out instead? I aim for a change this year!

Anyways, I do realise that as college start, I'd probably be blogging much lesser. It breaks my heart to say this but with college and nail art classes going on at the same time, my schedule is basically packed every single day so it is very hard for me to sit down and blog a proper post. But for my readers, I'll try my best to manage my time better so I can have at least an hour each day to draft out my posts :D And that's another goal I wish to achieve as well. (^^)