February 19, 2013


Happy Chinese New Year!

I missed blogging! Chinese New Year has been great for me so far with the overflowing snacks and drinks and the never-ending good movies but of course, ang paus! XD How're the celebrations going on at your place?

Although I'm on my '3-months-holiday' right now as I am waiting for my exam results to be out in March, I haven't had much time for blogging. Nail art class has taken up most of my time now and my eyes are so tired from focusing on small objects that I dread for my beauty sleep. But that doesn't stop me from my Candy Crush addiction lol!

By the way, I've recently volunteered to be a model for a photoshoot for my friend. It's a very unique concept and I'm really excited about the outcome! :D I haven't got the pictures yet as they are still under editing process but I think it will turn out great! I'm planning to do another photoshoot soon if I have the time! :D

Anyways, here's a picture of a nail art I've recently done. I love designing but I'm still not skilful enough to present them perfectly. (^^;)

Also, a huge THANK YOU for supporting my blog and still reading it despite my lack of updates. It makes me really happy to know that there are people who appreciates my efforts and it motivates me to do better! Do tell me what you want to read about so I can have more ideas to share! (^^)

Wishing my dear readers prosperity, pink of health, luck and abundance blessings in the year of the snake!