January 8, 2013

Style Inspirations January 2013

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2012 sure has been an eventful year to me and I can foresee that 2013 will be the same as well. This year I'm going to skip on listing my New Year Resolution as I feel that it's more important to carry out things at once instead of just writing them down on a list. Actions matters more than words. (^^) How many of you actually fulfill your New Year Resolutions anyways?

Coming back to the title of this post, here's my first style inspirations post of the year. :) Although it's an all-year-round tropical weather here in Malaysia, I would like to bring in some spring feel into my coordinates. Pastel colours, sweet pop colours, furry tops and oversized tops tops my list!

Spring marks the new beginning of a season cycle so I wanted to go for a fresh image! Black and white is a sure hit but I wanted to bring in some pastel colours as well! My favourite pastel colour right now is mint~!

Currently obsessed with oversized tops too! I have wide hips so an oversized top balances out my proportion. Furry items makes you look cuddly and lace items makes you look feminine :D T-shirt one piece are nice to wear on a lazy day too (^^)

Basic colours and pastel colours can be boring sometimes so adding some sweet pop colours into your coordinates lightens up the mood! Denim doesn't run out of trend but I would like to go for a lighter denim tone for this season (^^)

Contrasting colours brings up a fun image along with pop art designs! Just try not to get too overboard with those pop art patterns, haha! Also, I would really love to DIY shirts with cropped back or add chains too. I like my coordinate to stand out, hehe!

I still love thick soles shoes! My shoe collection consist of mostly black so it's getting a little boring so I want to get more shoes of different colours this year!

As for hair colour, I would like to go for something more subtle this season so I'm planning to dye my hair a light brown tone for spring! :D

This month's style inspiration mostly consist of pictures of the popular Ulzzang, Hong Young Gi! I'd like to go more korean trend for spring since it's a really simple and casual look.

I've taken up nail art courses just recently so I am going out almost every single day hence a simple everyday style coordinate fits best for me now :D I'm getting really busy and hardly have much time to get my ass down on the chair to blog. Who knew that I will end up having so much to do? (^^;) But I'm enjoying it so I shouldn't complain, haha!

I really want to thank my beloved readers who are still reading my blog despite my lack of updates. Thanks for supporting me throughout 2012!


  1. All of those outfits looks so cute and comfortable! >w<

    I wish You stylish 2013~!

  2. I loved the second look! kisses!

  3. NKN- Oh!!! Thank you! :D

    Jessy- Thank you! ♥