January 19, 2013

Singapore January 2013

Never would I have thought that I'd be back in Singapore again so soon. This time taking up the role as a 'tour guide' again to bring my aunt and my grandma around the country.

This time it was a shorter trip compared to the previous one but I get to meet up my friend and my other aunt who lives in Singapore as well. The warm feeling you get while visiting a foreign country and meeting people you know there is so wonderful. :)

Of course, I did quite a lot of Chinese New Year shopping this time so I came back with lots of new clothes, shoes, bag and skin care products! I'm all ready for Chinese New Year! :D

I didn't get to see the Merlion upclose last time so I made it one of my priorities this round. I think travellers should not miss out this iconic statue at The Lion City. :) I had initially assumed that the size of the Merlion is much larger... (^^;)

We took the longer route of walking towards Marina Bay Sands instead of getting on the MRT. Fascinating view to me but the long walk was very tiring for my grandma and my aunt. I guess I made a mistake of suggesting us to walk there. (._.;)

Gardens by the Bay night view.

Shopping is the most exciting part of this trip to me! :D I went to Far East Plaza, Takashimaya, 313@Somerset and of course, Bugis Street! I never get tired of the fashion boutiques in Singapore, haha!

Met my friend in Singapore! It was fun shopping together and getting cheaper deals together at Bugis Street. Thank you for spending your time with me and taking me around! :D

This time we took a bus instead of flying. Not because of what happened to me on my previous trip but taking a bus is a cheaper alternative. Ironically, there was only 6 passengers on board. (^^;)

I'm glad to be back to Singapore again, it never fails to lift up my mood. :) I do hope that this year I will get to travel to more places overseas. (^^)


  1. You should visit the merlion 'building' in Sentosa instead! that is bigger hehe

  2. Vernice!- Really?! I didn't get to go Sentosa this time > < I will check it out if I have the chance to next time :D