January 23, 2013

Enma Ai Inspired Look + Geo CP-S7 Review


Today's look is inspired by Enma Ai from the series Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). I'm sure many of you have heard of the series before so here's a quick tutorial on achieving Enma Ai's look!

The lenses I'm wearing in this tutorial is sponsored by Mukuchu. They are Geo CP-S7 or more commonly known as the Crazy lens series. :)

Enma Ai has a porcelain look so your foundation shade can be one or two shade lighter than your normal tone. Conceal any imperfections and powder your face for a matte finish.

For certain cosplay makeup, I would draw on the eyeliner first so that applying eyeshadow will be easier later. Enma Ai has very round almond eyes so drawing your eyeliner thicker on the middle area will make your eyes rounder. :)

As for this look, I wanted to create animated eyes so I drew on my lashes instead. Of course, if you prefer to put on false eyelashes as well it will still look nice. :)

Next, I used a dark brown eyeshadow and deepen my crease line to exaggerate my eyelid fold. It makes your eye larger too!

For this look, I have concealed my eyebrows and drew on thin curved eyebrows like Enma Ai's. It's always good to have a reference picture nearby when you apply makeup for cosplays. (^^) For thin eyebrows, I would prefer using a small angle brush for definition.

I have also shaded my nose with a brown eyeshadow which is slightly darker than my everyday makeup to make my nose look thin and sharp. Remember to highlight your nose bridge too to bring out more dimension!

Also, if you want to create even larger eyes, line your waterline and the area below your eyes with a white pencil eyeliner.I have pearl white eyeliner only but I think that matte white eyeliner would look much better!

Finish up your look with light pink lipstick and clear lipgloss! I skipped blusher for this look as Enma Ai always look pale so I wanted to keep that look too. :)

Indoor lightning.

With flash.

Geo CP-S7


Colour/design: ★★★★
The colour of these lenses are very vibrant! Perfect for cosplays and parties! The lenses have a black rim on the outer area and a smaller ring design at the inner area so they actually blend pretty well and create a dolly effect. (^^)

Comfort: ★★
I find these rather uncomfortable when I first worn them. The inner rim is pretty small that I can actually see the red rim when I wore them. It takes a while to get used to so these are not for fussy people.

Enlargement: ★★★
These lenses are only 14.00mm so I didn't have much expectations for the enlarging part. But the design makes it look dolly hence creating an enlarging illusion. :)

It's my first time wearing red lens and I actually like them XD I'm planning to cosplay characters with red eyes this year so I can wear these at anime conventions!

Thank you Mukuchu for sponsoring me these lenses! :D
January 19, 2013

Singapore January 2013

Never would I have thought that I'd be back in Singapore again so soon. This time taking up the role as a 'tour guide' again to bring my aunt and my grandma around the country.

This time it was a shorter trip compared to the previous one but I get to meet up my friend and my other aunt who lives in Singapore as well. The warm feeling you get while visiting a foreign country and meeting people you know there is so wonderful. :)

Of course, I did quite a lot of Chinese New Year shopping this time so I came back with lots of new clothes, shoes, bag and skin care products! I'm all ready for Chinese New Year! :D

I didn't get to see the Merlion upclose last time so I made it one of my priorities this round. I think travellers should not miss out this iconic statue at The Lion City. :) I had initially assumed that the size of the Merlion is much larger... (^^;)

We took the longer route of walking towards Marina Bay Sands instead of getting on the MRT. Fascinating view to me but the long walk was very tiring for my grandma and my aunt. I guess I made a mistake of suggesting us to walk there. (._.;)

Gardens by the Bay night view.

Shopping is the most exciting part of this trip to me! :D I went to Far East Plaza, Takashimaya, 313@Somerset and of course, Bugis Street! I never get tired of the fashion boutiques in Singapore, haha!

Met my friend in Singapore! It was fun shopping together and getting cheaper deals together at Bugis Street. Thank you for spending your time with me and taking me around! :D

This time we took a bus instead of flying. Not because of what happened to me on my previous trip but taking a bus is a cheaper alternative. Ironically, there was only 6 passengers on board. (^^;)

I'm glad to be back to Singapore again, it never fails to lift up my mood. :) I do hope that this year I will get to travel to more places overseas. (^^)
January 10, 2013

Last cosplays of 2012

My Comic Fiesta cosplay preparation was so far the worst. It wasn't as fun as my previous cosplays because I had to rush everything within a week's time. Yet I am happy to have them done although my day 1 cosplay received lots of damage (T T)

Do read my previous posts on Comic Fiesta too. (^^) Part 1 Part 2

Met up with my fellow cosplay friends on Day 1 morning. You can't see it here but I was having a costume malfunction day with my 'supposedly-thigh-high-socks'. I had to change out of my costume by noon and drag myself back home with nearly blistered feets. (T T)

Met several schoolmates and here's one of the pictures we took (^^)

Day 1's cosplay as Maria Kurenai was a failure to me. I plan to improve it for future events soon! :D

 Day 2's cosplay was Ririchiyo Shirakiin which was a last minute plan as I've mentioned before. Overslept on that day so I met up with my friends at lunch time and we had our own 'photoshoot' at the KLCC park. (^^) But it was really sunny that day our makeup melted in no time > <

One of the shots which I love! Taken with phone camera and editied in photoshop. I only noticed the fallen strap while editing! > <

Ky Li who cosplayed as Lucy Heartfilia from the popular series Fairy Tail! My initial plan for Comic Fiesta was to cosplay as Wendy Marvell but due to certain circumstances I wasn't able to cosplay as her BUT I will do so this year! :D

So how much damage in my cosplay for Comic Fiesta?

Lost a button for my Maria Kurenai costume, had problems with Maria's socks and tore my purple lens for Ririchiyo cosplay on the morning of Day 2 itself. I ended up wearing blue lens (the above picture was photoshopped).

To sum up my cosplay for 2012, I have cosplayed 5 different characters in a year and the one which I enjoyed the most is actually my Konata cosplay. I personally prefer costumes which is easy to move around in and does not have much problem throughout the whole day. (^^;)
January 8, 2013

Style Inspirations January 2013

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2012 sure has been an eventful year to me and I can foresee that 2013 will be the same as well. This year I'm going to skip on listing my New Year Resolution as I feel that it's more important to carry out things at once instead of just writing them down on a list. Actions matters more than words. (^^) How many of you actually fulfill your New Year Resolutions anyways?

Coming back to the title of this post, here's my first style inspirations post of the year. :) Although it's an all-year-round tropical weather here in Malaysia, I would like to bring in some spring feel into my coordinates. Pastel colours, sweet pop colours, furry tops and oversized tops tops my list!

Spring marks the new beginning of a season cycle so I wanted to go for a fresh image! Black and white is a sure hit but I wanted to bring in some pastel colours as well! My favourite pastel colour right now is mint~!

Currently obsessed with oversized tops too! I have wide hips so an oversized top balances out my proportion. Furry items makes you look cuddly and lace items makes you look feminine :D T-shirt one piece are nice to wear on a lazy day too (^^)

Basic colours and pastel colours can be boring sometimes so adding some sweet pop colours into your coordinates lightens up the mood! Denim doesn't run out of trend but I would like to go for a lighter denim tone for this season (^^)

Contrasting colours brings up a fun image along with pop art designs! Just try not to get too overboard with those pop art patterns, haha! Also, I would really love to DIY shirts with cropped back or add chains too. I like my coordinate to stand out, hehe!

I still love thick soles shoes! My shoe collection consist of mostly black so it's getting a little boring so I want to get more shoes of different colours this year!

As for hair colour, I would like to go for something more subtle this season so I'm planning to dye my hair a light brown tone for spring! :D

This month's style inspiration mostly consist of pictures of the popular Ulzzang, Hong Young Gi! I'd like to go more korean trend for spring since it's a really simple and casual look.

I've taken up nail art courses just recently so I am going out almost every single day hence a simple everyday style coordinate fits best for me now :D I'm getting really busy and hardly have much time to get my ass down on the chair to blog. Who knew that I will end up having so much to do? (^^;) But I'm enjoying it so I shouldn't complain, haha!

I really want to thank my beloved readers who are still reading my blog despite my lack of updates. Thanks for supporting me throughout 2012!