December 8, 2012

Get That Ulzzang Face!

Ulzzang which means Best Face in Korea is a huge booming trend. To get that Ulzzang face, plastic surgery is the follow up trend behind the Ulzzang trend. But hey! We're talking about makeup here!

One of the most important step in achieving an Ulzzang face is clear complexion. Koreans are known for their skin care products as everyone takes good care of their skin. No matter what type of make up you apply, having a clear complexion is very important as to create a smooth base before you put on your makeup! So do take good care of your skin as it's really important to look good!

Some of the Ulzzangs which I adore are Hong Young Gi, Park Hye Min, Do Hwae Ji, Lee Chi Hoon, Park Tae Jun and Park Jiho. They look so beautiful, even guys! \(*O*)/

As for this tutorial, I have taken inspirations from these two Ulzzang girls, Hong Young Gi and Song Ah Ri. Notice how their eyes look innocent and bright and have cute pinkish lips? These are some of the important points in this Ulzzang look.

Many Ulzzangs use BB cream as a base. However, if you don't have BB cream like me, it's alright! Just apply foundation instead. Conceal your panda eyes away and flaws that you have then layer your whole face with a thin layer of mineral powder.

As for the eyebrows, Ulzzangs always have natural eyebrows. They don't have harsh arches so just fill in your eyebrows with an eyeshadow or lightly using an eyebrow pencil will do.

Circle lenses are very important in creating the Ulzzang look. Most ulzzangs prefer natural colours such as brown or black. Remember to wear your circle lenses before you put on makeup!

Put on pink blusher onto the apple of your cheeks and you're done! Here, I used Strawberry Pink by Candy Doll.

If you prefer Doe Eye look, simply fill in the outer area of the bottom of your eyes with a black or grey eyeshadow. Doe Eye makes your eyes look really innocent and cute.

How do you like my Ulzzang look?

Ulzzangs tend to photoshop their pictures a lot and I can't say that I don't do that too, haha! Photoshop enhances how you look in photos and it's a great tool to edit your photos to your desired look. It might make you look even better than how you look at yourself in the mirror! But learn to love yourself first so that beauty will shine through!

Ulzzangs tend to do aegyo poses in photos. Aegyo means cute in Korean. (^^) Winks are really cute too so you can try to do that when you take photos. (^^)

I hope you liked this tutorial and Good Luck in trying out this look! Annyeong!


  1. you're cute! naah I like young gi~ I watched my old uljjang shidae vid yesterday and there was a lot of young gi in it, hehehe. she's reaaally cute <3

  2. sooo cute!! I love doing ulzzang makeup!! :)

  3. It loos so great on you~ :">

  4. Wow you look really cute! I'm gonna try this out since it looks more natural :) Do you recommend any particular circle lens for an ulzzang look?

  5. Rindodo ♥- I watched it too! :D I love Young Gi's personality so much! Uber cute! X3

    Jennifer~Vickahh- I hope you liked the tutorial! :D

    Mel- Aww thank you!! <3

    Bella- Do try it out!! :D Geo's Dolly lenses seem fine to me :D

  6. awesome tutorial :) U look like ulzzang :D

  7. Ahh you'd be such a good Ulzzang ~!! ^^ <3

  8. Fanny- Thank you! :D Does this style really suit me?? XD

    Katie Clark- Ahh thank you! Hmm... I think I need to work harder on Gyaru looks then :3

  9. You look really cute and natural with this look :)

  10. Xiao- Thank you! I put on Ulzzang style makeuplately because I'm too lazy haha! (^^;)

    ARIUS- Thanks! *winks*