December 22, 2012

Comic Fiesta 2012 Day 1

The longest running ACG event had undoubtedly attracted a huge amount of crowd! The queue started from early morning for on-the-spot ticket purchase so if you've bought them earlier, lucky you!

Day 1 had been packed with lots of activities so far. Have you checked them out yet?

Stage performance by bands, cosplay competitions and meeting the special guests Danny Choo and Redjuice. If you find that the stage activities are not enough, you can check out the doujin booths, official anime merchandise booths, Good Smile Company and of course, Culture Japan booth. Do check out Comic Fiesta's own Coffytiam booth too! All packed with lots of goodies ready for you!

What else to look out for at Comic Fiesta this year? Why, of course, figurines!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica series! Also with the Ultimate Madoka figure which will surely awe you with its intricate details!

Black Rock Shooter series which are also beautifully crafted.

Just like any other anime conventions, you will definitely see cosplayers cosplaying many different characters from anime, manga or game series. Cosplayers are giving more and more effort in their cosplays so do come by on Day 2 to see even more extravagant cosplays!

This year's Comic Fiesta is even more packed than the previous years. It's good to see so many enthusiasts coming to an ACG event but I felt that there was a lack of space to rest. I myself was beaten up by midday so I went home early. Even with a media pass, I couldn't navigate myself through the crowds into the VIP rooms for special interview sessions today. I'm so sorry but I'll try my best to cover more of the event tomorrow!

Take a good rest and be ready for Day 2!

Comic Fiesta is held at KL Convention Centre from 22-23 December.


  1. Those stuff and merch looks so adorable, I want them all! >< and the cosplayers are also adorable and looking really good *-* especially the BIG RILAKKUMA!!! >O< I want to hug ♥ q.q
    I'm lookin' forward to Day 2! -^-^-

  2. 민영- I'll be posting Day 2 post soon! :D

  3. yeah im also waiting 4 Day 2 post onegai..(^o^)/..

  4. SUA- I'm getting it done soon! > <