November 2, 2012

17th Birthday Celebration @ Namoo On The Park

This year's birthday falls five days before SPM so I wasn't looking forward to it very much. As usual, I went out for dinner with my family and since it's my birthday and I get to choose where I want to go, I decided to try out Namoo On The Park at Publika.

Hello, it's me :)

Well, this year I am sick during my birthday. Had sore throat and flu the whole day. Not a great way to celebrate my birthday but at least I was able to get myself out for a dinner. The next day I got fever and I'm still having it now. :'(

Entrance of Namoo On The Park

The location of this restaurant is pretty secluded and we got confused by the directory as it kept pointing the wrong direction...

The menu has a really simple concept but I would prefer if they have more visual graphics in it.

Sick also must act happy right?

Rice burger which is one of their must try dish. The food portion were pretty large

Sweet Potato cake which is also one of their must try. It was okay for a non-cake person like me. It's just that after a while I got sick of it but luckily it came with vanilla ice cream which helps to compliment the taste of the cake. Still, I would suggest sharing it... (^^;)

After the birthday dinner, we walked around Publika since it was actually our first time going there. There weren't much shops which impressed me but I really like how they have lots of sculptures displayed around the mall :)

Pass by a supermarket and saw some Halloween decorations. I love how they added faces to the pumpkins!

Well, this year I really wish that I can achieve my goals, have better health, obtaining things which I want, have more fun, loving my parents more and be able to socialise more. Wishing that my 17 years old life will be a pleasant and great one :D


  1. Happy birthday! Get well! :-))

  2. Happy birthday, Hanie! It sucks that you were sick on your birthday but I hope you feel well super soon!

  3. Joanna- Thank you!

    Bunny. Berri- Thank you! I'm recovering but it takes time (^^)

  4. Happy birthday! And omg you look so adorable <3
    I hope you feel better soon ^_^