October 30, 2012

五年の高校人生終わりました… Here Ends Five Years Of My High School Life...

Five years worth of memories have ended. Deep inside my heart I'm am shedding tears as I recall the times where we laughed and cried together. Fate has been kind to have brought us together in stepping up the stairs to another stage of life.

My dear friends whom I cherish the most, thank you so much for being so dear to me. The places where we always meet up in the mornings, the tables that we sat together during mealtimes, the classes that we had together over these years and all the special events and things we have done together would always remain in a special spot in my heart. Thank you to all of you. :)

My classmates of 5K, thank you so much for the wonderful memories you all have given to me. Although we were not close until the last few months of our high school life, these last few months have meant much much more to me than the previous years spent in school. Thank you for making me realise how fun high school life can be, thank you for teaching me how to socialize with people, thank you for teaching me to trust people, thank you for all the class outings that we had together and thank you for being such a united class. My heart will always belong to 5K. I love you all, thank you so much for painting colours in my life. We found love in 5K!

Negative emotions and perspective used to make me hate my school. Everyday I came to school because I had to, I studied the subjects because I had to and I did not trust most people after what had happened back in Form 1. It is very sad when I think about how much time I had wasted in lingering within those feelings when I could've had all the fun I wanted. No one restricted me from having a fun high school life, the problem was in me. But then everything took a change in August, thanks to the school concert where I realised that people can be good deep down and some change over time. I had only 3 months left then, but I was really happy that within these 3 months, my dearest classmates had let me experienced so much joy that I can't possibly comprehend.

Of course, thank you to the teachers that have taught me over these five years. You all have been such good educators. There are of course, a few teachers whom I slightly dislike however, I know that you all have gave in your best efforts in educating us to be better people aside from helping us to score in exams. Thank you for your guidance and patience over these years.

Thank you to my school principal too. Thank you that you have spent lots of efforts in letting us have a memorable high school life. Thank you for shaping us up in these 5 years. Thank you for helping us to proceed to our next stage in life. Thank you for your kind message to us before we left school.

Goodbye, Sekolah Menengah Stella Maris, where most of my high school memories were created. Time flies, and it has been five years since I first stepped into the school as a tiny and shy little girl. Memories of the first day of school is still fresh in my mind yet I am here expressing my gratitude for the five years in my high school life has finally ended today. I have graduated today.

As we open the doors to our new lives, I understand that many will part ways. Life is long walk down a path by a single individual, and people we met along the ways are people whose path had crossed with ours. But soon, we will part our ways and walk on our own again. There is no going back, so we must stay strong to continue on our journey. I am happy that we have reached the the point where our paths separates, but I will always miss those whom I have met along my path of life. Thank you for meeting you all. :) May we meet again if fate tells us so.


  1. Oh God, I've got a tear in my eye ;-; Such a sweet post~ I felt really nice reading you had a great time~ <3 Wish you the best~ <3

  2. Aww I suddenly felt you are all grown up ;__;

  3. Mel- Aww!!! *hugs* Thanka a lot!

    jilliancat- All these while I was a kid to you? :/

  4. All these while you are like my little sister. ^^

  5. A really cute post! My high school live will end next year. Just finished my first week of exams ;)

  6. Xiao- Have lots of fun in high school so that you'll never regret it :) Cherish the moments with your friends :D