September 23, 2012


Hello lovelies!

How have you been so far? As for me, I have been staying at home most of the time drilling subjects after subjects into my brain for my SPM trials. And it's not over yet, I still have three more days to go but I though an update is necessary to bring back some life in my blog. Hahaha!

After SPM trials I should be able to relax for a while before the real thing which starts on 5th November. The good thing about SPM is that we have lots of breaks in between which means I can relax and maybe blog too :D

Back to the topic, here are some updates with pictures from Instagram. Follow me there if you haven't! (@myauclub) and on Twitter too! (@HanieKuar)

Occasional cleaning and throwing out stuff session a few weeks ago. Found my old name tag.

I can't believe that I have only around a month's time left in secondary school. The feelings for your friends deepens as you graduate from secondary school I think. I did not cry when I left primary school but now that I am leaving secondary school tears swells up everytime I think about it.

People change, I guess?

Miss Whatever bracelets...

I really like some of their stuff even though it's suppose to be meant for a younger age. But age sometimes doesn't matter in fashion! Haha! I'm going through this slight style change lately as I pretty much got tired of Gyaru where you always have to wear the 'IN' style.

Of course I still like to see new trends but I'm not the sort who is able to afford apparels after apparels seasons after seasons. So I am actually switching to more of a Harajuku feel which I think trend is more forgiving there as people mostly dress up in what they like and be themselves. Being yourself is more important as it brings out the character in you. :)


Not a big fan of macaroons myself as I think they are too sweet. But I bought these for my classmates as it;s only RM28 for 18 mini macaroons. I wanted to show my appreciation to them so I really wanted to treat them to something. :D

My new family members, Tora and Anko!

That's Tora in front and Anko at the back. We brought them back in June but I haven't blogged about them yet. I know, I really should blog about them soon :/

Pokemon instant ramen!

I got this in December last year from the Japanese student exchange program but never opened it because I thought it was so precious as you can't find it in Malaysia. Turns out that they were selling it in Isetan (- -)

I'm the sort who keeps things which I love for a long long time hence collecting lots of 'rubbish'(according to mom) in my room. :/ I have this large collection of keychains from all over the world which I don't know what to do to them yet I don't want to throw them away.

Speaking of places, I am going to Singapore in December!!! Hurray!!! I'm really looking forward to this trip as it's my second time going out of the borders of my own country, and first time being on a plane! :D The first time I got out of my country was when I was 4 years old by train to Singapore and I hardly remember anything back then so that doesn't really count :X

I will be blogging more on the trip so keep tracked! :D

A doodle on my exam paper~!

Even though it's been stressful, I'm glad that I'm doing pretty good in my papers compared to Midterm where I screwed everything up by last minute studying. Now I know why it doesn't work. :/ I literally fell asleep while writing my essays last term.

So that's about it for now. I'm gonna go grab a bite already, this stomach growling has to stop D: