August 19, 2012

The Secret and I

If you have read Xiaxue's post on 'The Secret' you might have an idea of how it works already. If you haven't, do read it or else you don't know what I will be talking about! XD

I can't believe how good the law of attraction has treated me. :) Everyday I feel happiness in the little things that occurred to me that I have never paid attention to. It says positive thoughts attracts positive thoughts. And so many positive things had happened ever since I start using The Secret. :D

I found out about it mid of June, just a few days before AFA. I was doubtful whether it works or not but I decided to try it out. I visualized meeting Danny Choo in person and also Kaname. (Yes, I really wanted to see them in real) And guess what? I actually took a picture with Danny Choo and saw Kaname on both days of AFA (although it was far away but well, I only wished to see him :P)

Please excuse me for another happy story sharing~ As most high schoolers in Malaysia graduate, many are chosen to enter National Service for three months. For a person who dislike physical activities as such, I used to be afraid of getting chosen for this. I mean, I want to do what I want and I have already planned what I want to do after graduation. I kept telling myself that 'I am free from NS' and 'Thank you for being free from NS' but deep down I was still worrying and that is a negative feeling too. What I did was, I changed my thoughts from worrisome to happiness. I believe, in fact, I know that I am free from NS and I was anticipating for the name list to be out so that I could celebrate my happiness with my family. (^^) The law of attraction says, 'Your wish is my command'. And I am free from National Service!! :D I must express a million thanks to the universe for bringing me what I wanted! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

Seriously, I urge you to read 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne if you haven't. It's changing my life and I want it to change yours too. Everyone deserve happiness so why not? :D When you have good thought, good things will come back to you. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading even though it's slightly wordy... (^^;) See you again soon!


  1. passing by.. saw this post n like it personally.. i've read a few Secret series from rhonda byrne.. they r really awesome n inspiring! =)

  2. Casley- Yes, it really is! :D