August 21, 2012

First time going for Korean BBQ!


Went out last Thursday with my friends again~! This time for Korean Bbq at Jal-Dae-Ji!

It's my first time having korean food so I left the ordering to my friends. :D In the end I am still blur with what I actually had that day... (^^;) I just ate whatever that tasted nice to me, hahaha!

With everyone!

No make up that day since we went there after school. I love days when school ends early!

A glance at the menu~

All I told my friend was I like eating this meat, that meat and left it up to them to choose which dish... (^^;) Will go there again and actually decide for myself next time.

Looks so delicious right! But it's still raw (> <)

I can only identify the Kimchi dish in the middle... But then overall most of it are nice! :D I like eating Korean food!

Candid shot of everyone gobbling up the food.

The meal was not really pricey in total! On average, each of us had to pay RM32 and we had many many dish! It was really worth it as the water was free and we didn't have to barbecue the meat ourselves :D The restaurant owner was really nice and patience too. :D I had a great experience there!

More dishes~ Kimchi soup, Bibimbap and Ramen

Sadly I didn't get a taste of the Bibimbap, but then you've got to be quick while sharing with 13 people! XD

Jal-Dae-Ji is located at Korean Village, Ampang. It's a cozy little restaurant and I really recommend it! :D Gosh, I really want to go back there!!!


  1. :O Congrats to your first Korean BBQ! My friends and i love it!

  2. THT Christina- Thanks!!! :D It's really delicious! :D

  3. the food looks yummy, im hungry now :)) T^T

    ~aMz/aimee kheir <3