August 16, 2012

First outing with my classmates!

The school concert has definitely brought me and my class closer! :D Last Saturday after our seminar at school, we went for Shabu Shabu! \(^v^)/

It was a really fun day but I didn't take much pictures so once again, I'm taking pictures from facebook. (^^;) We took a lot of polaroids that day so it's photos of polaroid... (^^;)

They had so much of food on the table till I couldn't even take a picture of all the food. And these were not the only ones we had, they were still taking more and more dishes!!!

I have a small appetite so I was actually the first one who got full (^^;) But it's amazing how the last few can actually finish so much for the rest of us since we had to pay if there's a lot of leftovers... (^^;)

Shabu One at Lot 10!

Group photo! Not everyone went for the outing :( I wish that everyone could go though...

We had the waiter taking pictures of us. We took up so much of his time changing positions and pose after every photo (^^;)

We went there with our homeroom teacher and she ate almost all the prawn we had. Well I guess it was alright since not many of us wanted to eat that...?

I really love going out with my classmates! We're really united compared to other classes! Haha XD

Only a few months left till separation :/ I wish everyone can still meet up after graduation :)

When I see the smiles on everyone's faces, I feel warmth in my heart...

I will surely treasure these memories forever.

I hope to be able to go out again with everyone soon! :D Building up memories within the last few months of secondary school. :) Thank you so much for all the good things that's happening to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)


  1. Wow! The hot pot looks so delicious! : D I so want a hot bot right now! : D

  2. waah love the food, the outing looks like fun, suddenly im missing my classmates too hehe :)

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  3. Nana- It was good! :D

    aMz88- I'm already feeling a little sad that I'm going to be separated from my friends soon :(