July 8, 2012

Playing with Makeup


Sorry for not blogging for such a long time, been rushing my school projects lately. They're finally done and I can relax now. :D

Played with make up a few days ago as it's my stress reliever~ :P I look super different here, well, make up really changes how a person looks~

Winged my eyeliner really long, about 1.2cm to achieve long eyes (> <) I have round almond eyes. Tapered at the inner corners to open up my eyes more! I wanted to test out my newly bought bottom lashes from Daiso but it's very hard and it doesn't stick the way I want it to be (- -)

Here I'm wearing my grey wig which I bought for Maria Kurenai cosplay. Haven't cut the fringe yet since I'm just too lazy~ :P

Notice my eyebrows? I'll be doing a tutorial on that soon~ (^^)

'I'm gonna haunt you tonight!' Hahahahaha

I've been experimenting with camera angles lately and it's not easy to get a good picture all the time. I don't have someone else to take photos for me so it's always experimenting camwhore angles. XD But it still shows my efforts in improve! :P

Due to lack of time to blog, recently I've been scheduling posts so sometimes when you see a new post, I'm not even online at all. Hence I'm unable to approve your comments immediately. Don't be sad though, since they're sent to my email so I can check them on my phone (^^)

Anyways, will blog soon, or rather, another scheduled post will be up soon! OTL

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Thank you and see you soon lovelies~


  1. kawaii! I love the lashes dear~


  2. Amakura Reika- Thank you! :D

  3. wintergurl- Thank you! It's from taobao's shop, Fantasy Sheep (^^)

  4. i love the look so pretty :"> i just followed u via gfc and placed u on my Blog List ;) pls check my blog too :D arigatou gozaimas <3

    ~aiMee/aMz, http://amz88.blogspot.com/

  5. aMz88- Aww! Thank you! :D You have a cute blog! <3

  6. Ahhh! I absolutely love this makeup style on you! especially the long wig with the pinned bangs. its so striking i saw you walking down the street id be in jealous awe XD

  7. momodoki- Thank you! Eh?! I thought it would look weird if I walked on the streets...