July 9, 2012

Daiso Foot Care Mask review

Lately I've been practicing a lot for my upcoming school concert and walking a lot in heels... My feet have been suffering these few days so I decided to pamper it last night with this Foot Care Mask from Daiso.

At first I was doubtful whether it works at all but I thought, it's just RM5, why not?

Previous post focused on my face, this post focuses on my feet (-A-;)

Other than Foot Care Mask, they have Hand Care Mask too. :)

Pity you my feet XD See how intense dance practice and walking in heels have made my feet suffer? (T_T)

Skin peeling off (T_T)

This is how the 'sock' look like. The moisturizing essence are inside the 'socks'.

You only put it on for 20 minutes before removing it. Massage the leftover liquid on your feet until it has been absorbed.

I find this product quite interesting! :D I have heard of feet mask before but it's my first time trying it. It does make your feet softer for a while so I guess continual usage is needed. (^^) It has some fragrance so depending on the individual, one might like it or not. But I like it since it makes my feet smells so nice. XD

Will buy the Hand Care Mask next time to try it out too :D

Happy pampering your feet~ :P

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