July 11, 2012

Dining In A Toilet - Tbowl, Sungei Wang

Have you ever tried dining while sitting on the toilet bowl? Well, experience this eat shit experience at Tbowl Restaurant! XD

I've heard of this restaurant concept a few years back but have never got to try it out. Last Saturday I finally got to dine there with my mom and my brother when I was out shopping with them. (^^)

Bad hair day > < Can't wait to get my hair trim soon > <

A glance of the menu~

They serve normal food in toilet bowls...

And ice-cream which look like shit. *Pun Intended*

Shit-On-The-Go *Another Pun*

Washiki dining corner~

Toilet bowl cover plate.

The food was quite nice actually. And they have lots of dishes to chose from! A little pricey but you get the experience of dining in a toilet concept restaurant. :)

Shabu shabu on toilet bowl.

They lit up the fire after serving it to your table so you have to wait for a while before you can actually eat it. Not for hungry stomach! > <

Well, this is really shit in toilet bowl...

I didn't try the ice-cream but both my mom and my brother said it was nice. My mind has classified that as shit and I'm not going to try that...

Eat shit, literally... (^^;)

Anyways, do drop by at Tbowl outlets at Sungei Wang, Sunway Pyramid, Queensbay Mall or Melaka Raya for a unique experience! :D

Here's my coordination for 7/7/2012. Summer style is in! Neon colours are really popular right now but I'm not sure how long it'll last... :/

See you soon~! :D


  1. Lol, my mind would be thinking that too. So it would be hard to get myself to eat the ice cream. XD That idea is very unique. I never heard of a restaurant like that before, it's different.

  2. Their ice-cream is not really genuine chocolate type, you can taste like it's those cocoa powder campur with something one, but texture is super smooth so next time you should try also. one day we go out together i don't mind coming here with you haha!

  3. Panda Ninja- It has been here in Malaysia for several years. (^^)

    jilliancat- Still feels so gross to me :X No, no, next time we go out we go somewhere else XD

  4. Hahahaa so funny!
    There's nothing like that in my city (;;)

    I'd love to eat in a toilet~ how bad can it be? I bet my mother's food has more shit than those <3

  5. SGMA Jennie- :D It's a fun idea for a restaurant, isn't it?

    Nesu~chan ♥- I guess this concept is still quite rare? Eh... Why would you say that about your mother's food? :/

  6. Haha I visited TBowl a couple of weeks back. It was really amusing. I had their soft ice cream which looked like poop in a toilet bowl

  7. Wow...xD That was some interesting restaurant. ^^"
    Uh well, I just stumbled upon your blog and I like it very much. ^^ So, I guess I'll follow you?

    Anyway, again...that's an interesting restaurant..lol~ I haven't been there yet...fuu~

  8. Joey- It's the special dish! :D But I just couldn't make myself eat it > <

    Rika- Yup! Thank you for following my blog! I will do my best to update more! Do drop by at the restaurant! :D