July 11, 2012

Dining In A Toilet - Tbowl, Sungei Wang

Have you ever tried dining while sitting on the toilet bowl? Well, experience this eat shit experience at Tbowl Restaurant! XD

I've heard of this restaurant concept a few years back but have never got to try it out. Last Saturday I finally got to dine there with my mom and my brother when I was out shopping with them. (^^)

Bad hair day > < Can't wait to get my hair trim soon > <

A glance of the menu~

They serve normal food in toilet bowls...

And ice-cream which look like shit. *Pun Intended*

Shit-On-The-Go *Another Pun*

Washiki dining corner~

Toilet bowl cover plate.

The food was quite nice actually. And they have lots of dishes to chose from! A little pricey but you get the experience of dining in a toilet concept restaurant. :)

Shabu shabu on toilet bowl.

They lit up the fire after serving it to your table so you have to wait for a while before you can actually eat it. Not for hungry stomach! > <

Well, this is really shit in toilet bowl...

I didn't try the ice-cream but both my mom and my brother said it was nice. My mind has classified that as shit and I'm not going to try that...

Eat shit, literally... (^^;)

Anyways, do drop by at Tbowl outlets at Sungei Wang, Sunway Pyramid, Queensbay Mall or Melaka Raya for a unique experience! :D

Here's my coordination for 7/7/2012. Summer style is in! Neon colours are really popular right now but I'm not sure how long it'll last... :/

See you soon~! :D
July 9, 2012

Daiso Foot Care Mask review

Lately I've been practicing a lot for my upcoming school concert and walking a lot in heels... My feet have been suffering these few days so I decided to pamper it last night with this Foot Care Mask from Daiso.

At first I was doubtful whether it works at all but I thought, it's just RM5, why not?

Previous post focused on my face, this post focuses on my feet (-A-;)

Other than Foot Care Mask, they have Hand Care Mask too. :)

Pity you my feet XD See how intense dance practice and walking in heels have made my feet suffer? (T_T)

Skin peeling off (T_T)

This is how the 'sock' look like. The moisturizing essence are inside the 'socks'.

You only put it on for 20 minutes before removing it. Massage the leftover liquid on your feet until it has been absorbed.

I find this product quite interesting! :D I have heard of feet mask before but it's my first time trying it. It does make your feet softer for a while so I guess continual usage is needed. (^^) It has some fragrance so depending on the individual, one might like it or not. But I like it since it makes my feet smells so nice. XD

Will buy the Hand Care Mask next time to try it out too :D

Happy pampering your feet~ :P
July 8, 2012

Playing with Makeup


Sorry for not blogging for such a long time, been rushing my school projects lately. They're finally done and I can relax now. :D

Played with make up a few days ago as it's my stress reliever~ :P I look super different here, well, make up really changes how a person looks~

Winged my eyeliner really long, about 1.2cm to achieve long eyes (> <) I have round almond eyes. Tapered at the inner corners to open up my eyes more! I wanted to test out my newly bought bottom lashes from Daiso but it's very hard and it doesn't stick the way I want it to be (- -)

Here I'm wearing my grey wig which I bought for Maria Kurenai cosplay. Haven't cut the fringe yet since I'm just too lazy~ :P

Notice my eyebrows? I'll be doing a tutorial on that soon~ (^^)

'I'm gonna haunt you tonight!' Hahahahaha

I've been experimenting with camera angles lately and it's not easy to get a good picture all the time. I don't have someone else to take photos for me so it's always experimenting camwhore angles. XD But it still shows my efforts in improve! :P

Due to lack of time to blog, recently I've been scheduling posts so sometimes when you see a new post, I'm not even online at all. Hence I'm unable to approve your comments immediately. Don't be sad though, since they're sent to my email so I can check them on my phone (^^)

Anyways, will blog soon, or rather, another scheduled post will be up soon! OTL

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Thank you and see you soon lovelies~