June 1, 2012

Touwa Erio skirt WIP

Ah... Another late post. My eyes are closing but I want at least finish blogging this...

Been really busy preparing my AFA Malaysia cosplans lately... I just got my Touwa Erio skirt from the tailor today but she told me she made some mistakes and I had to correct it myself. By the way, Touwa Erio is a character from the series Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. It's a pretty funny anime filled with moe-ness~~~

So here's how the skirt looks like before any alteration by myself. Erio's skirt only has one stripe but the tailor mistaken it as two. (> <)

I had no choice but to remove the thread by myself. It took me 4 hours... D:

If you noticed in some pictures, all character in the series have a clover pattern on their school skirt. It was not easy to do this part but I tried my best...

Here's first part of the clover.

And the second part... All in all it took me an hour to finish sewing this. OTL

Finally work is done! I can go to sleep now and check off one of my to-do list.

Close up of the 'clover'.

Initially I wanted to do a lens review today but when I was done with my holiday homework it was already dinner time so I guess I'll do that tomorrow (^^;)

Recently I've been interested in foreign languages so... Gute Nacht! It's goodnight in German :P My aunt who knows German pretty much sparked up my interest in this language during her last visit. Ehehehe (^^;)


  1. Great correction~! The clover is so well made, you're so talented :3

  2. Wow! Skirt is so cute!!! : D I love it!

  3. Yoyo- Thanks! Although I think it could've been done better... (^^;)

    Nana- Thank you! :D

  4. Are you going to AFA? I hope to see you there>w<

  5. Chinatsu- Yeah, I'm going to be there on both days. Try and spot me there :D

  6. WAhhhhhh did u get the skid by itself? If so, where did u get it from? 0.0

  7. Kitty Kat- It's tailored made dear... (^^;)