June 3, 2012

Books haul~!

Today's a public holiday in Malaysia. There's always holiday here! :D So it was family bonding time for me too. :D

I am much of a reader myself hence buying books are always a pleasure to me. But then, I don't have so much money to buy all the books I want so going out with my parents means I can have someone else paying the stuff I want for me :P At least they still get income tax exemption from buying books... (^^;)

I've worn my new blue lens today! It's supposed for Touwa Erio's cosplay but I took the opportunity to test the lens out before AFA. It's important to test and make sure everything's okay before an event. (^^)

Outfit of the day~

Mom's always been complaining about the lack of colour in my dressing. Meaning, most of my outfits are always based on the black theme... OTL So I tried something different today and I pretty much like my outfit today! :D

Well, we're supposed to go to the National Science Centre today but the ticketing queue was super long so we decided to go shopping instead. My brother was really disappointed since he looked forward to visiting the place. :( I have little interest in scientific stuff so deep down I was actually glad to go shopping instead. :P

I suggested to go to Pavillion since there's a Mirai Suenaga cosplayer there and I really want to take picture with her but my parents wanted to visit Tropicana City Mall. It was okay to me since C2AGE has always been held there and I've never been there before... Later we went BookXcess which sells books at a much discounted price. And there's where I went crazy with buying new books... (^^;)

Here are the books I bought. The first three are Asian Literature. I like reading this type of books, don't ask me why, I don't know. (^^;)

The other two are from the same author, Rhonda Byrne which wrote The Secret and The Power. I've a little of The Secret at the bookstore and I knew that I want to buy this book. It's a really nice book based on the law of attraction and it makes you think and reflect. From what I've read so far, it's sort of about how positive thinking can make a change for better happenings to your life.

It's getting late now so I'm going to read then go to sleep~ Will blog again soon~

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