June 14, 2012

AFA Malaysia 2012 Day 2

Hello again! :D

I attended Anisong on AFA Day 1 so I overslept on Day 2... (^^;) Rushed to prepare myself then met up with Ky Li. (^^)

Day 2 cosplay was Matryoshka Miku! I DIY-ed the bulidings last minute the previous night...

Very cute Tsuna cosplay! :D

Does anyone knows what character this is? I was wondering how she was able to see through all those paper...

Genderbender Panty and Panty! I really love the PSG series! I'm planning to cosplay as Stocking (^^)

Very cute Watanuki and Natsume from Inu x Boku SS! I love Natsume's smile! :D

One of the contestants for the individual cosplay competition! He took 3 months to prepare the armour! And Kaname actually gave him a kiss on stage! X3

Kaname's appearance on Day 2! The crowd was larger and I couldn't get a closer shot of him > <

Gave up squeezing through the massive crowd... OTL

Regional Cosplay Competition Malaysia Preliminaries! The Ciel x Sebastian group was really in character!! It was my first time to actually sit down and watch a cosplay competition and I was really impressed by their performance!

Rozen Maiden group which had lots of prop on stage.

Winners of the group cosplay competition was of course, Ciel and Sebastian! :D The prizes were really impressive! I feel like joining next year but I have no confidence > <

The contestants for the individual cosplay competition. One of the cosplayers took only 3 days to complete his costume!! I can never do that...

Later, we went to Moe Moe Kyun maid cafe to fill our stomach~ Queueing up for an hour plus when you're really hungry is not a good idea...

We were served by Ringo-chan! She drew a Neko for us!

It was really awkward when we had to do the power up with the maid and it actually made me rethink whether to join MMK next year...

Took a picture with the lovely Ying Tze as Mio-chan! I was really looking forward to meet her as she is one of my favourite cosplayers!

Finally, I met Danny Choo!!! XD Was really happy to take a picture with him! He's really successful in the anime industry and he motivates me to strive for my dream through his experiences in getting settled in Japan. :D

And that's all for the two days of AFA Malaysia 2012. I really hope that they will come to Malaysia again the following year and perhaps they can have more halls and better air conditioning (^^;) I was sweating inside the hall... :(

Will upload photos of the photoshoot soon even though you might've seen it on my Facebook page... (^^;)

See you~!


  1. I think the one with papers all over is neither from Nurarihyon nor Natsume Yuujinchou... maa~ it's a youkai =w=b (oi...==")

  2. ケイデンスー- Youkai~~ XD

  3. It looks so fun >3<
    I really need to take more pictures when I go to future cons, lol. The cosplays are all so awesome and I loved your cosplay! ^^

  4. Panda Ninja- I enjoy ACG event sooooo much!!! >w< Taking pictures are my priorities XD