May 31, 2012

OIC Camp 2012 at Taylors Lakeside University

It's been some while!!!

I'm sorry for not posting anything for a month but I've been really busy lately. > < As soon as school exams were over I attended OIC Camp organised by Taylors Lakeside University. Notice the word 'Lakeside'? Yes, this university's main attraction is the huge lake!

And one of the rules that were mentioned on that day was 'We know that the campus is big and you're excited for the camp, but please don't jump into the lake' XD

I supposed there were over 500 students from various schools? The emcees were cracking jokes all the time and there were some interesting games. :D

Heading to the 'Event Management' workshop I registered for... Frankly, it was rather boring. We had to put up a fashion show within 20 minutes and I was asked to be one of the models dressed in toilet paper. It's so embarrassing!

After lunch, we had Amazing Race which was a surprise to us because we did not expect to be running around the campus. I wore heels that day and I had to run in them. But it was alright since I'm used to heels :P However, despite the fun and excitement, I suffered muscular cramps the past few days... Serves me right for not doing any regular exercises..... OTL

The students and ex-students put up a mini concert for the night. It was pretty interesting with the showcase of dancing, singing and magic show.

Since we've been going around the campus the whole morning, we haven't been able to take much pictures of the scenery. My friends and I were snapping pictures non-stop and we tried taking jumping shots. Unfortunately I don't have them with me so I can't post it up here > < (Angel: You owe me pictures!! > <)

So here's some night scenery of the campus. It's really beautiful! Angel and I thought that maybe we should do a Nanoha photoshoot here but I'm not sure not to get permission for that... Rather, we haven't tried arranging a cosplay photoshoot before... OTL

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading and I'll be updating more these few days since it's school holidays now~! Me Gusta OIC!


  1. Awwww I miss Lakeside! I'd totally jump into the lake lorr! =P

    So far I've only heard of one guy jumping in the lake. Hehe...

    I can't believe you had to run up and down Lakeside in heels! I'd go barefooted. =P

    Can't wait to see more pictures of camp! =D

    ♡ M.May

  2. M.May- EH?! You're from Lakeside?!! Seriously got someone jumped in? XD Yeah, I didn't expect there was an Amazing Race... But it's alright since I'm pretty used to heels (^^)

  3. I visited there(Educational trip =_=) last year =w=
    And I would probably planned to proceed University course there afer Form 6 ._.

  4. ケイデンスー- Nice! :D It's a nice study environment there. (^^)