April 22, 2012

Taobao Gets~!


I've been ordering quite a lot of stuff from Taobao lately and I'm going to show them to you~! (^^) Taobao is a China website which works like Ebay. :)

Hatsune Miku wig! I've pretty much trimmed and style this one (^^) It's my first time getting a twin tail wig. But it is really heavy to put on!

I chose this shade as it is a blend of four colours so it will show different tones under different lightning. (^^)

Hatsune Miku Matryoshka version costume! It's custom made order so it took around a month to reach. But I'm really happy with the fabric choice and workmanship of this piece. My previous costumes were all tailored made locally so I was rather uncertain how it will turn out. But after I try it on, I really like it a lot!

My only unsatisfactory for this is that once I lift and put my hands down, I look as if pregnant because the elastic at the bottom of the jacket would go up my waist... (^^;)

Grey long wig. I'll be using this for Maria Kurenai cosplay. :D

I can't wait to style this one and get the costume from my dear friend~ (^^)

Olive green long wig. I'll be using this for Pokemon Gijinka cosplay as Bellossom!

I was rather hesitant to get this wig as I don't know if there're any other character with this shade of hair colour... But if there's none, I guess I'll let this go along with the costume once I'm done with the cosplay...

And that's all for my gets from Taobao. There's only a little left in my savings (; ;) I can't waste anymore money as I still have some cosplay plans to complete..... OTL

Well see you soon~!


  1. Oh how nice! I love the wigs~ Looking forward to seeing you in them ^^


  2. Those wigs look like they're great quality.
    Ahh I immediately though of C.C. from code geass when I saw that last wig!

  3. I love the Hatsune Miku wig and the grey long wig :D

  4. wow! how was your experience with taobao?
    I love the miku wig and grey wig..

    I think you can also cosplay CC using the green wig :)

    I have an ongoing giveaway btw.. http://networkedblogs.com/w9CZr
    Hope you could join and drop by my cosplay blog :)

  5. THT Christina- I will do a wig test post when I have the time! (^^)

    prancing bee- They are really good quality wigs! Yup! I know C.C has that a similar hair colour but I haven't watched it yet. :/

    The Manga Critic 漫画评论家- Thank you! I like them too! :D

    Amakura Reika- So far all my Taobao orders are pretty smooth! It's just that sometimes the package might get delayed but overall it's alright. (^^)

  6. Oh wow so many wigs~!! Looking forward to your cosplay~! :3
    Would you say the wigs are pretty decent priced for their quality? >o<

  7. Yoyo- Thank you! They are from China. So far they are the cheapest I've seen with good quality. The fibers are made of Kanekalon fiber or Heat-resistant fiber which are the best after real human hair. The size of the wig is adjustable too. The green and grey wig are really thick too!

  8. can malaysians order from taobao?

  9. Can you show us how you cut your wigs? ´ 7 `

  10. ef.ae- Yes! But usually you will have to buy through an agent. :)

    H0KU- It's pretty hard to show since I tend to re-cut it several times till I am satisfied... But I'll try to show if I can...

  11. Roughly how much is the hatsune wig with the clip ons? Do they provide free wigstands too?(x v x)

  12. May I know the seller you bought it from taobao.com?is it fantasy sheep?

  13. Kurosukichuu- They were RM125. It does not come with a wig stand. I bought the Miku wig from Emo Kids. Whereas the grey one and the green one are from Fantasy Sheep. :)