April 14, 2012

Angel's 17th birthday outing~!


So a while ago me and my friends went out together to celebrate Angel's birthday! It's our last year in high school so events like this are important to us as we might not be seeing each other for a long time after graduation. :'(

I took some pictures mostly with my phone so some pictures here were from my friends. (^^;)

Me and the birthday girl!

We went to The Gardens and Midvalley. :) I rarely go there as it's really far from my house but then it's someone's birthday and it's rather impolite to turn them down... (^^;)

At the bowling court.

I'm not very good in bowling. I pretty much dislike sports anyways...... OTL

In the Purikura booth. Since people here in Malaysia don't take Purikura so often, you can always see that it's mostly empty inside so nobody actually care if you take your sweet time camwhoring in there :P But then the lights are pretty intense there so you might start sweating if you stay in there for a long time...

With Andrea and Jessie~

I love how the lights in the Purikura booth creates reflection in your eyes! Just like anime eyes, hahaha!

Purikura pictures of the day~!

Some of the polaroids taken with Carynn's camera!

It's my first time having my pictures taken with polaroid! I love how her films have Hello Kitty prints on them! But then, I still prefer Rilakkuma over other characters~~~

Tea time at Dome~

I love coffee very much! Especially cold ones! I grateful that I'm able to sleep after drinking coffee or tea, hehe~ (^^)

Lastly, a group picture! Andrea, Jessie, Me, Angel, Ky Li and Carynn~!

We had such a fun time together and making noises everywhere we went! It's the first time for me to go out with so many friends! Not all of them were here, but I wish that can happen too...

Also, I bumped into Catherine, my friend from primary school by coincidence! She's learning to be a nailist now and has asked me to be her nail model. \(^^)/ I'm really happy for that but then school does not allow us to have nail art. :( I hope that she'll still be learning when the next two weeks holiday comes... :)

So that's it for now,

Will blog again soon!

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