April 22, 2012

Taobao Gets~!


I've been ordering quite a lot of stuff from Taobao lately and I'm going to show them to you~! (^^) Taobao is a China website which works like Ebay. :)

Hatsune Miku wig! I've pretty much trimmed and style this one (^^) It's my first time getting a twin tail wig. But it is really heavy to put on!

I chose this shade as it is a blend of four colours so it will show different tones under different lightning. (^^)

Hatsune Miku Matryoshka version costume! It's custom made order so it took around a month to reach. But I'm really happy with the fabric choice and workmanship of this piece. My previous costumes were all tailored made locally so I was rather uncertain how it will turn out. But after I try it on, I really like it a lot!

My only unsatisfactory for this is that once I lift and put my hands down, I look as if pregnant because the elastic at the bottom of the jacket would go up my waist... (^^;)

Grey long wig. I'll be using this for Maria Kurenai cosplay. :D

I can't wait to style this one and get the costume from my dear friend~ (^^)

Olive green long wig. I'll be using this for Pokemon Gijinka cosplay as Bellossom!

I was rather hesitant to get this wig as I don't know if there're any other character with this shade of hair colour... But if there's none, I guess I'll let this go along with the costume once I'm done with the cosplay...

And that's all for my gets from Taobao. There's only a little left in my savings (; ;) I can't waste anymore money as I still have some cosplay plans to complete..... OTL

Well see you soon~!
April 14, 2012

Angel's 17th birthday outing~!


So a while ago me and my friends went out together to celebrate Angel's birthday! It's our last year in high school so events like this are important to us as we might not be seeing each other for a long time after graduation. :'(

I took some pictures mostly with my phone so some pictures here were from my friends. (^^;)

Me and the birthday girl!

We went to The Gardens and Midvalley. :) I rarely go there as it's really far from my house but then it's someone's birthday and it's rather impolite to turn them down... (^^;)

At the bowling court.

I'm not very good in bowling. I pretty much dislike sports anyways...... OTL

In the Purikura booth. Since people here in Malaysia don't take Purikura so often, you can always see that it's mostly empty inside so nobody actually care if you take your sweet time camwhoring in there :P But then the lights are pretty intense there so you might start sweating if you stay in there for a long time...

With Andrea and Jessie~

I love how the lights in the Purikura booth creates reflection in your eyes! Just like anime eyes, hahaha!

Purikura pictures of the day~!

Some of the polaroids taken with Carynn's camera!

It's my first time having my pictures taken with polaroid! I love how her films have Hello Kitty prints on them! But then, I still prefer Rilakkuma over other characters~~~

Tea time at Dome~

I love coffee very much! Especially cold ones! I grateful that I'm able to sleep after drinking coffee or tea, hehe~ (^^)

Lastly, a group picture! Andrea, Jessie, Me, Angel, Ky Li and Carynn~!

We had such a fun time together and making noises everywhere we went! It's the first time for me to go out with so many friends! Not all of them were here, but I wish that can happen too...

Also, I bumped into Catherine, my friend from primary school by coincidence! She's learning to be a nailist now and has asked me to be her nail model. \(^^)/ I'm really happy for that but then school does not allow us to have nail art. :( I hope that she'll still be learning when the next two weeks holiday comes... :)

So that's it for now,

Will blog again soon!
April 11, 2012

Geo Princess Mimi aka Bambi Lens Almond XMM-204 review


I've recently got a new pair of lenses! \(^^)/ It's Princess Mimi Almond lenses from LensVillage!

Life Span : 1 Year Disposable
Power Available : 0.00 to -6.00
Diameter : 15 mm
Base Curve : 8.6
Manufacturer : GEO Medical , South Korea

Here's how the lenses look like~

These are brown lenses but they aren't very obvious. Unlike other Princess Mimi series, these provides a Dolly feel yet they aren't as eye-catching as the others. Perhaps it's because that I have dark brown eyes. (^^;)

Just like the other Princess Mimi range, these are also 15mm in diameter. The black rim around it helps creating an enlarged effect to your eyes.

With flash

Without flash

I must say that these lenses are really comfortable! I wore it out the other day and I almost forgot that I was wearing lenses! Well, I also cried while wearing them while watching a movie still it was perfectly fine. (^^)

I'm pretty happy with these lenses! (^^) I guess they will be my most worn ones from now. I still prefer brown lenses after all~

You can find these lenses at LensVillage. Do check out their Facebook page too!

Will be back with another post soon~! See you till then~!
April 8, 2012

Purikura pictures with everyone!


Today I'm posting pictures of Purikura with my friends that I went out with the other day~! (^^) I guess this will be the last post of Purikura then I'll be writing on a review and about the outing. (^^;)

I don't know which of my friends decorated this but from here I am sure that everyone's going to be alright if we stick together since all blood types are present! (>w<) Hahahaha~

It was pretty hard for six person to squeeze into a picture and not let your head cut off... The machine chose this frame by itself and we couldn't squeeze in at all, hahahaha!!!

An almost perfect attempt... Except that I got my face blocked (> <)

Funny thing about Purikura is when everyone's eyes are enlarged and everyone seem to be wearing eyeliner. :P Also, some were very happy for the Purikura lightning washed off their pimple marks in the photos. (^^)

Everyone looked so cute though~ They should have Purikura machines around Bukit Bintang too! (>w<)

I guess this was the only picture where everyone's face could be seen... (^^;)

Shouldn't have done a weird face in this one though. :/

That's all I have for now. Hope to take more with my friends next time~ (^^)

April 6, 2012

Purikura time~!


Went out with my lovely friends today and I had the chance to take some Purikura myself! I will blog about the outing soon since there were so many pictures that we took *.*

Today's Coordinate~

Top - Cotton On
Bottoms - Cotton On
Necklace(Not really visible here) - Personal Item

I bought the top from Cotton On at size S. But it was still too big for me and it constant slipped while I was wearing it today. *So embarrassing > <* Mom even scolded me saying 'What type of clothes do you wear to go out?!' (; ;)

Wink~ Wink~


I think leopard print is becoming my favourite pattern lately. Almost everything is related to leopard print in my coordination today. (^^;)

I had a good time with my friends today and I even met my friend from Primary school! She was learning nail art and invited me to be her nail model for practice! :D I hope to meet her again soon~ (>w<)

Recently I've been going through lots of mental stress. A lot of things are changing and I am very tired of thinking of things like my future, relationships with people, religion and my own feeling towards many many situations. It's really exhausting but I know I have problems to solve. :( Sometimes it's as if I'm lost and I do not know what I want too. :( I tend to cry while thinking things lately. (; ;) I need some relaxation to clear up my thoughts and steer things straight. Sigh...

Well, anyways, will blog soon and more Purikura pictures to come! :)

See you soon~!