March 28, 2012

Making Furude Rika's ribbon bow~!


Recently more and more cosplay plans pop up in my mind. (^^;)

One of them is Furude Rika! She's one of the characters in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. The anime is pretty much full of gore so I would not recommend you to watch it at night if you're afraid of blood and killing and stuff like that...

Anyways, I've always wanted to cosplay as Furude Rika but never got to do it. But finally, I decided that I'll cosplay her this year. Well, even if it's not this year, I guess I'll just prepare her costume anyways~

So here's how I did her ribbon!

I only had scraps of thick width pink ribbon left from making some other cosplay stuff last year. I tried to follow the picture of Furude Rika's ribbon as much as possible with what I had left.

I made the body of the ribbon, the tail and the part where you wrap around the ribbon in three separate parts.

Sew, sew, sew~!

Try to interlock or burn the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying as you work. They create better results! :D Terrible needlework I did there > <

So after you sew the wrapping part around the ribbon, sew the tails onto the back of the ribbon. It might stick out weirdly at the back, but no one's going to check it thoroughly! :P

That's how I conceal some parts of my costume sometimes... (^^;) Only taking care of those part where they're obvious...

That's it! Lastly, you might want to sew another ribbon strand to the back of the ribbon bow to tie it around your neck. :D

I will be showing more tutorials as I prepare for my cosplays~! :D Do look forward to them (^^)

Ending the post with a picture of my Konata cosplay~ :D



  1. I like the look of your blog and your posts are filled with cosplay ideas!

    would you like to follow each others blogs?

    I'm on


  2. The bow is so cute! And so are youu~ haha Love that wig btw ^^

  3. Are you planning to cosplay Rika anytime soon? .w. You'll look so cute as her! :D

    -There aren't enough Higurashi cosplayers here in Malaysia ;A;-

  4. Deividdo- Thanks! But I hope to blog more on other stuff too, not just cosplay... (^^;) ehehe

    Marion- Thank you! Glad it turned out fine :D

    THT Christina- Thank you! Will actually be using the same wig for Furude Rika and Wendy Marvell. :)

    Mae- I'm planning this for Animangaki! That is, if I can go... :3 I haven't seen Higurashi cosplayers for some while too!

  5. Nice!! Thanks for the tutorial! The bow looks choo kawaii! <3

  6. Joanna- No problem! There will be another tutorial on another character's cosplay ribbon bow! :D

  7. Hi there! May I know your facebook?I love cosplaying as well and might want to add you >//w//<

  8. 黑貓- Urm... I don't usually add people whom I've never met on Facebook > < So sorry! m(_ _)m

    But please visit my page and leave me a message there :)