January 31, 2012

Coordinates for Chinese New Year


So most of the busy days of Chinese New Year are over and I'm here to show you some of the coordinates I wore. (^^) I will put more effort in this post to make up for the inconsistent blogging. m(_ _)m. I know some only view pictures, but please read it. :)

Didn't take picture of my outfit for Chinese New Year eve since it was just hanging out at some friend's house. I'm totally unsociable among people. I ended up playing Tetris on Facebook that day with my brother... (._.)

Reunion dinner dishes. My friends' mom prepared all these. The abalone, mushrooms, pork and all looks so delicious! Of course they tasted delicious too!

Before my grandfather passed away, we would have reunion dinner at our own house. However after he has left us, the previous two years' reunion dinner were at Sushi King, lol! However, my mom's friend invited us over this year as she's glad to prepare for more. (^^)

Lighting up the Kong Ming lantern. We would write our wish on the lantern then release it up in the air. Some believes that wishes comes true that way. Haha!

Massive fireworks around Chinese New Year! Not a great picture but just to show you :/

Coordinate for Day 1!

It is believed that wearing auspicious colours brings good luck to the new year ahead. Usually we would wear new clothes during Chinese New Year but I couldn't match my new clothes at all... Each piece was so random so I mixed it with my old clothes. :P Only the cardigan is new here...

Picture is blur but I think it deserves to be post up since you don't always get to see me in cheongsam! :D

Crazy sale on the first day. Branded garments were up to 80% sale! Hence I got myself a cheongsam (Chinese traditional wear) for next year's Chinese New Year. (^^) It's really beautiful but it needs slight alteration.

Day 1's usually visiting close relatives and then we'll have dinner together. Somehow during such dinners, adults like to have their children to sit at a different table, allowing the children to communicate among themselves. However, here comes the awkward silent moment where everyone would end up talking to their siblings. But my brother sat with my mom since he's incapable to eat without my mom lecturing him, haha. So I ended up forever alone at the table. :(

Day 2's coordinate. Must.wear.bright.colours.

I was starting to run out of bright colour clothes to wear and mom was super against me wearing dull colours. (- -)

On Day 2 we went and watched a Chinese New Year movie and terrible luck hit us. My dad's car got hit from the back and it was dented at the corner. Totally mood spoiler.

Somehow it seems like many unfortunate things are happening this Chinese New Year... You'll see why next...

Day 3,4 and 5 no coordinate pictures since we mostly stayed at home to finish up our holiday homeworks. So the bad luck continues and my dad's phone got lost on Day 3...

Day 6's coordinate. I know it's dull colour but I was already at the point where I don't give a damn about it. So many people are already wearing dullish colour clothings yet my mom was still holding onto the bright colour matter... (- -)

It was the day when I finally got my new phone!

It was raining that day and when me and my dad walked from my mom's office to the mall, it was raining heavily. Y U NO Sunny?! Although I managed to keep my dress from getting wet my feet were soaked wet since I wore sandals that day. (; ;)

Here's my new Samsung Galaxy Ace! The casing I got is actually baby pink, but my stupid camera can't seem to capture the colour correctly. (- -)

It's a pretty good phone I think. The downside is definitely the battery life. Although if I don't use so much apps or play games, it can actually last much longer.

I'm planning to deco this phone but I'm still looking for ideas! I want to make it as precious as possible. Haha!

Sorry for only showing 3 coordinates. I had one more but I forgot to take picture of it. (._.) Perhaps I'll show you when I wear it out someday. Hehe.

I'm still trying hard to improve in my coordinates. I'm not very good at it hence I tend to refer and rely a lot on magazine, street snaps and japanese gyaru blogs for ideas.

That's it for now, school has been taking up so much of my time lately so it's getting tougher for me to blog regularly. Weekends are usually full with plans too. :( But I guess I'll try to update more on the Facebook page and on Twitter as much as possible.

See you~!



  2. Akemi~ How come?! Tsubasa is way prettier than me!!!