January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year Eve


Do you miss me? :P Just joking, hahaha!

I'm sorry for being super inactive in blogging lately... Homework and preparations for Chinese New Year has got a grab on me. Chinese New Year is just like Christmas for Chinese. We would clean our house thoroughly and buy new clothes, decorations, food etc hence it gets really busy around this time of the year.

Somehow it seems like the mood for Chinese New Year is getting lesser and lesser. Perhaps most people are facing financial difficulties. :(

Anyways, I have mentioned on Facebook that I want to create some looks for Chinese New Year but I haven't got the time to do so yet. :( Today (It's past 12am now) is the day before Chinese New Year. Hopefully I'll have some time to do a tutorial before going out for a reunion dinner with my family. :D

I see a busy week ahead. Though I hope that I'll have time to blog perhaps... every day or every other day? :D

Btw, I'll be getting a new phone soon. My current phone, Sony Ericsson K5510i, would turn off by itself about 3 to 4 times a day. It frustrates me a lot when I'm in a hurry to make a phone call or to SMS someone. I'm planning to change my phone to Samsung Galaxy Ace. Does anyone use it? I've read reviews online and I think that it's a pretty decent phone...

So that's it for now... Ending this post with a picture of Chinese New Year decoration at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. (^^)



  1. Happy Chinese new years! I know what you mean by it is is busy!

  2. Nana- Happy Chinese New Year! Have a prosperous year of the dragon! :D

  3. I will celebrate it with my friends and my bro :D

    happy new year!

  4. Happy CNY! Yeah it is really busy at my house too, preparing food and decorations :P
    My dad uses Samsung Ace but honestly, it depends whether you're using it for just call and texting, or whether you want a nice camera and display as well, but I think it's pretty good :)
    Hope you have an awesome year of the dragon!

  5. i'm using Galaxy Ace. it's a pretty good phone with the price tag. :) the only thing i don't like about it is the lack of internal memory.

  6. Lilith- I hope you have a fun time! Happy Chinese New Year!

    Bella- Hmm... Of course the calling and texting, but I think 5MP camera with flash is ok right? :/ Have a prosperous year of the Dragon! :D

    Isabellmiao- I think it's pretty worth it too considering the price and the functions available... I've read that is has a small imternal memory size but at least you can use a memory card. (^^;)

  7. Happy CNY dear! (●*3*●) You're so pretty too. I'm jealous of your hair!

  8. Marion ♥- But I didn't style it that day... (._.)

  9. Happy Chinese New Year! You're really so pretty ;-)


  10. OMG I LOOOVE chinese new year X3

    I wish we also celebrated it in my country -.-

    btw you're really cute I love ur physiognomy >w<

    Kisu <3

  11. Joanna- Thanks! (^^;)

    Nesu~chan- Aww... Perhaps you can experience it if you go to an asian country someday or celebrate it with some asian friends? (^^)

  12. LOL I never met anyone asian so far XD

  13. ケイデンスーaka優希姫です- Haha, Yeah