January 31, 2012

Coordinates for Chinese New Year


So most of the busy days of Chinese New Year are over and I'm here to show you some of the coordinates I wore. (^^) I will put more effort in this post to make up for the inconsistent blogging. m(_ _)m. I know some only view pictures, but please read it. :)

Didn't take picture of my outfit for Chinese New Year eve since it was just hanging out at some friend's house. I'm totally unsociable among people. I ended up playing Tetris on Facebook that day with my brother... (._.)

Reunion dinner dishes. My friends' mom prepared all these. The abalone, mushrooms, pork and all looks so delicious! Of course they tasted delicious too!

Before my grandfather passed away, we would have reunion dinner at our own house. However after he has left us, the previous two years' reunion dinner were at Sushi King, lol! However, my mom's friend invited us over this year as she's glad to prepare for more. (^^)

Lighting up the Kong Ming lantern. We would write our wish on the lantern then release it up in the air. Some believes that wishes comes true that way. Haha!

Massive fireworks around Chinese New Year! Not a great picture but just to show you :/

Coordinate for Day 1!

It is believed that wearing auspicious colours brings good luck to the new year ahead. Usually we would wear new clothes during Chinese New Year but I couldn't match my new clothes at all... Each piece was so random so I mixed it with my old clothes. :P Only the cardigan is new here...

Picture is blur but I think it deserves to be post up since you don't always get to see me in cheongsam! :D

Crazy sale on the first day. Branded garments were up to 80% sale! Hence I got myself a cheongsam (Chinese traditional wear) for next year's Chinese New Year. (^^) It's really beautiful but it needs slight alteration.

Day 1's usually visiting close relatives and then we'll have dinner together. Somehow during such dinners, adults like to have their children to sit at a different table, allowing the children to communicate among themselves. However, here comes the awkward silent moment where everyone would end up talking to their siblings. But my brother sat with my mom since he's incapable to eat without my mom lecturing him, haha. So I ended up forever alone at the table. :(

Day 2's coordinate. Must.wear.bright.colours.

I was starting to run out of bright colour clothes to wear and mom was super against me wearing dull colours. (- -)

On Day 2 we went and watched a Chinese New Year movie and terrible luck hit us. My dad's car got hit from the back and it was dented at the corner. Totally mood spoiler.

Somehow it seems like many unfortunate things are happening this Chinese New Year... You'll see why next...

Day 3,4 and 5 no coordinate pictures since we mostly stayed at home to finish up our holiday homeworks. So the bad luck continues and my dad's phone got lost on Day 3...

Day 6's coordinate. I know it's dull colour but I was already at the point where I don't give a damn about it. So many people are already wearing dullish colour clothings yet my mom was still holding onto the bright colour matter... (- -)

It was the day when I finally got my new phone!

It was raining that day and when me and my dad walked from my mom's office to the mall, it was raining heavily. Y U NO Sunny?! Although I managed to keep my dress from getting wet my feet were soaked wet since I wore sandals that day. (; ;)

Here's my new Samsung Galaxy Ace! The casing I got is actually baby pink, but my stupid camera can't seem to capture the colour correctly. (- -)

It's a pretty good phone I think. The downside is definitely the battery life. Although if I don't use so much apps or play games, it can actually last much longer.

I'm planning to deco this phone but I'm still looking for ideas! I want to make it as precious as possible. Haha!

Sorry for only showing 3 coordinates. I had one more but I forgot to take picture of it. (._.) Perhaps I'll show you when I wear it out someday. Hehe.

I'm still trying hard to improve in my coordinates. I'm not very good at it hence I tend to refer and rely a lot on magazine, street snaps and japanese gyaru blogs for ideas.

That's it for now, school has been taking up so much of my time lately so it's getting tougher for me to blog regularly. Weekends are usually full with plans too. :( But I guess I'll try to update more on the Facebook page and on Twitter as much as possible.

See you~!
January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year Eve


Do you miss me? :P Just joking, hahaha!

I'm sorry for being super inactive in blogging lately... Homework and preparations for Chinese New Year has got a grab on me. Chinese New Year is just like Christmas for Chinese. We would clean our house thoroughly and buy new clothes, decorations, food etc hence it gets really busy around this time of the year.

Somehow it seems like the mood for Chinese New Year is getting lesser and lesser. Perhaps most people are facing financial difficulties. :(

Anyways, I have mentioned on Facebook that I want to create some looks for Chinese New Year but I haven't got the time to do so yet. :( Today (It's past 12am now) is the day before Chinese New Year. Hopefully I'll have some time to do a tutorial before going out for a reunion dinner with my family. :D

I see a busy week ahead. Though I hope that I'll have time to blog perhaps... every day or every other day? :D

Btw, I'll be getting a new phone soon. My current phone, Sony Ericsson K5510i, would turn off by itself about 3 to 4 times a day. It frustrates me a lot when I'm in a hurry to make a phone call or to SMS someone. I'm planning to change my phone to Samsung Galaxy Ace. Does anyone use it? I've read reviews online and I think that it's a pretty decent phone...

So that's it for now... Ending this post with a picture of Chinese New Year decoration at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. (^^)

January 11, 2012

I can has Orange Hair!


I nearly forgotten to show you my new wig which I got a few weeks ago. It was meant for my Vita cosplay but it didn't arrive on time. Nevertheless, I'm going to show you my new wig! (^^) It's my fourth cosplay wig!

I have already cut the fringe in the pictures. But I won't be styling it until I need it for Vita's cosplay because I'm just too lazy. Hahaha~~

Do you think orange hair suits me? Haha!

I got this wig from Taobao. It's 80cm long heat resistant fibre. I love how it feels like real hair!

Playing around with my new wig~ :P I have another one for Konata Izumi/Wendy Marvell but I need to trim the fringe first... I'll show you when I finally have the urge to trim it off. Ehehe.

School's been okay recently. But I'm still a social awkward penguin. :/

Anyways, Chinese New Year is around the corner and I'm planning to do some last minute shopping before that! Don't you get really hyped up before an important festival? Haha!

I guess that's it for now. Will try to blog whenever I have some free time. (^^)

See you!
January 8, 2012

Last Trip of 2011

I have been slacking off from blogging recently until I realised that I haven't blogged in the year 2012 at all!!! Such terrible blogger I am... (._.)

There have been lots of things going through my mind. Thoughts about life, studies, social etc. Maybe I'm at the point where I trying to move a step up in life? Ah well, shouldn't be ranting now anyways...

Back to the topic, today's post will be on my last trip to Genting Highlands in 2011! Having been there almost every year since I was young, the highlight for this time's trip was because of Mizukitty. Well, that's because she actually came to Malaysia a few weeks ago AND went to Genting Highlands!!! Don't believe me? Here's proof~

These were taken from Mizukitty's blog post.

I *shamelessly* went to the exact location and took these pictures~~~ Ufufufufufu~~~

I can get pretty crazy when it comes to things I really like, hahaha (^^;)

That was my outfit for Day 1. Except that I ended up taking off those twintails... Mustard colour tights are very uncommon here and I got lots of comments of being weird. ( ; ;) I really love them though...

Top: Forever 21
Bottoms: Sungei Wang
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Fahrenheit 88

On our journey up the mountain, it started raining. We thought it couldn't be that bad, after all it had been sunny for the past few days...

Who knows, the mist was terrible and the outdoor theme park was closed. (- -) What a letdown! It did open back up later the day, but we decided to spend the day indoors.

Pictures above were taken from a monorail ride which brings you outside to view the outdoor theme park. But it was obviously too foggy to take many photos. :(

Some shots of the indoor theme park.

Weather looking good as we went outside. But after two rides it started raining AGAIN.

Since we paid for the entrance tickets might as well enjoy ourselves as much as we could. So we ended up playing while raining...

Even though most of the rides were closed... :(

I think this was what caused me fever on New Years Eve. It was cold at first plus the rain and wind... I had to borrow my jacket to my friend's younger sister too as she didn't have a hood while it was raining. Everything added up and I got my stupid fever... (- -)

My best camwhore shot of the whole trip~! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

So after getting on the rides that were opened during the rain, we decided to walk around and visited a chocolate house. It was really cute and colourful, as if they ripped it out from one of those bedtime storybooks. Haha!

About 2 hours later the rain finally stopped and we finally get to enjoy the extreme rides. I was forced by my friends to ride on a roller coaster that turns 360 degrees. I closed my eyes throughout the entire thing.

Still! When I got back home I could still imagine the whole ride, when it falls, turns etc and the visual in my head alone made me sick. Why did I even agree on getting on that thing?! What was your worst roller coaster experience?

We pretty much left the theme park after that roller coaster ride and went home. I had lots of fun during this trip but happy moments past so it's time to come back to reality...

School started on Wednesday. It's my last year in high school now! I'm going to work hard and pass my final exam with flying colours!

It's getting really late now,

Will try my best to blog again!