December 23, 2011

Massive haul~!


Haven't been shopping like this for a long time already... I'm going for a trip on the 29th and 30th so I took the opportunity to buy some new clothes! I guess I'm nearly broke for now... :/ Can't wait for new school term when I get my pocket money again~

Anyways, this post is just to show you my hauls for today. (^^)

Pink Bunny print cardigan.

I only realize that one button is missing when I reach home (- -) Guess I'll have to go back and exchange for another piece...

But it's really cute and warm and I like it so much! (^^)

Hooded onepiece

I rarely find onepieces that are as long as my height. They are always either too long or too short. Disadvantage for short people like me (._.)

Simple tank top.

I got this at RM15 from Cotton On. It's pretty much see through so I need to wear something underneath. But I love the cotton material!

I really enjoy shopping during sales seasons as most of the stuff are discounted and you can find some goodies too. (^^)v

Also from Cotton On for RM30, these leopard printed shorts are so soft! I really want to coordinate it soon!

Bought tights from Forever 21 and knee high socks with ribbon pattern from Daiso. It's my first time buying tights from Forever 21 and I must say that the quality is awesome! So comfortable that I can wear them all day~ lols

Lastly, I got some miscellaneous stuff like instant ramen, christmas pack, lip balm, travel make up remover sheets and double eyelid tape. I have double eyelids naturally but I want to use them for a higher crease. I'm kinda fed up with the glue method somehow since it gets so messy (> <)

So that's it for now! Going for a Christmas Party with my church friends soon. Looking forward to an enjoyable night~

Will blog soon, bye~!


  1. Nice buys! Love the pink jacket! ^__~
    Meri Kurisumasu!

  2. Joanna- Meri Kurisumasu!!! :D

  3. love the haul ^^ esp the hoodie piece! cant wait to see some ootd co-oordinates!

    have a safe & fun trip!

  4. I'm planing to go shopping for new clothes soon also,not just because X'mas is coming but it's just that I'm shopaholic XD

    Merry X'mas in advance.

    btw,I wonder if you could follow my blog also,I'd be glad if you leave some comment tho.
    I really like your style and it'd wonderful if we could be friends.

  5. Jen- Haha... I rarely do ootd (^^;) But I'll try my best to show you what I wore during the trip. :)

    Sana- Merry Christmas to you too! I've visited your blog. (^^)

  6. Those shorts and that onepiece = total love! Do coordinate posts with them soon, yes?

    Merry Christmas!

  7. hye neko!!! i am ur silent reader.. i want u to riview abiut new bb cream from fairy drops brand.. is it okay for u?

  8. KASSIDY- Will do! (^^) Merry Christmas!!!

    I is Me.. I is Preety- I'm sorry but I can't review a product if I don't have it. :/ Thanks for reading my blog!