December 18, 2011

Comic Fiesta Day 2 - Photos of Cosplayers

Hello again!

I'm really sorry for not taking much pictures today... I wanted to but each time I take out my camera, there will certainly be someone asking me 'Excuse me, can I take a picture with you/of you?' and I had to put my camera away because of that and missing out lots of awesome cosplay...

What really freaked me out was that once someone starts taking photo of me, a whole group of people would come by and snapping pictures of me with their DSLR, digicam or mobile phones... (. .;) It's my first time to be photographed like this... (> <)

Anyways, here are some pictures that I managed to snap with lots of effort since I had to quickly shift myself from one place to another just to avoid photographers and taking pictures of others... (^^;)

Once again, feel free to email me at or leave a comment below if you found your photos here and I'll send the original size photo to you. (^^)

I hoped you enjoyed viewing them! I had a great day today at Comic Fiesta despite the constant 'Can I take your picture' problem... There wasn't much queue today so kudos to the Comic Fiesta committee for being able to pull it off well! Although I had this thought that it could be that there were less people today since many were put into great disappointment yesterday... Still, it was great having so many wonderful cosplayers around to support the event. \(^^)/

I met with two of my blog readers to throughout these two days. It means so much to me that I know that someone out there is reading my blog and telling me how much they love reading it. It motivates me to blog more and post up many more interesting contents for my readers to read. Thank you so much! (^^)

That's it for now, I think I will blog about Comic Fiesta tomorrow and also, an exclusive interview of Ceui and Shimokawa Mikuni soon!

Good Night! (^^)v


  1. had good cosplayers in this event. ♥ I love your blog, kisses!

  2. Wow! You are able to get in early!! Looking forward towards the Exclusive Interview ^^

  3. ankyl- :D

    Lain- Yes! Malaysian cosplayers are getting better! :D

    lunn1986- Yeah, since I've got the pass... Ehehe~