December 17, 2011

Comic Fiesta Day 1 - Photos of Cosplayers


Just came back from Comic Fiesta not long ago. It was total chaos today since KLCC management decided to have lockdowns, meaning attendees was let in batch by batch. However, lucky for me since my blog is affiliated with Comic Fiesta, I got a pass which allowed me to skip the queues and go wherever I wanted to. Ufufufufu~~

Anyways, this post is just pictures of cosplayer. I will do a proper post on the event itself later on. I'm just too tired right now to think and blog about the event. OTL

If you see any images of yours, kindly email me at or leave a comment below for the original size without the blog watermark. (^^)

Alright, that's it for Day 1. It makes me want to get a new camera since my camera can't handle indoor photos... (- -;) Now I ave to continue rushing my Graf Eisen although it's going to be 12 soon. Damn it!

Well, see you at Comic Fiesta tomorrow! Will be cosplaying as the Princess of Hammer, Vita!!!


  1. Because what shiemi is more tall than okumura rin? '-' hahaha' but the cosplays are awesome, I loved the kigurumi Miku *---* (woah,bad english T-T)

  2. thank you posting the pic~
    it's awesome xD

    too bad the tickets are sold out so fast >.<

  3. wheeeeee cosplay! I do LOVE cosplay! recently, I'm being such a sucker for seifuku style costume!! ^^ do you like seifuku style too? I'll share my pic on blogpost later, hope to see more of your cospa pics too~

  4. haha love the pikatchu~ cosplay ^^

  5. Wow! To many cute cosplays. Btw I send u the interview in your e mail.

  6. Wow, so gorgeous! The cosplayers are so much better than the ones here (more variety etc) :O They look great ^^

  7. Terumi-chan- Hahaha, perhaps she planted a plant that makes her grow taller than Rin? :P

    wAJINg- No problem! Yeah, it's too bad though... But day 2 was way better~

    Rindodo ♥- I was cosplaying as Konata in winter uniform on Day 1. Seifuku style costume~ :D I'll post up pictures when I find them online (^^;)

    Kioii- Yes, she was really cute!

    Pamelicious- I've got it, but I'll reply you some time later, been really busy lately, sorry (^^;) m(_ _)m

    Jen- Cosplayers here are improving in terms of quality and accuracy! They are looking better each year! :D

  8. Chinatsu- Saw your blog! You were Amu Amulet Clover?! EH?!!! I really love your cosplay, it was really cute! Thank you for the marshmallow too. (^w~)v