November 5, 2011

Teleported to France and Japan

I'm here to blog about the second half of my trip to Bukit Tinggi. Like finally...

So, we went to this French Village (I forgot it's name (._.)) and it was really beautiful! Perfect spot for some photoshooting during off peak seasons. (^^)

It was really sunny when we reached there. I couldn't even open my eyes properly (> <)

From the bridge to the entrance, if you look down, you'll see swans!!! I've never seen them so up close before!

The black swans actually bent into a heart shape but my stupid camera couldn't snap the shot on time... Or else it would've been so perfect!!!

With some colourful painted horses!

My battery died soon after I reached the French Village. I guess I took too much photos of rabbit. I was so disappointed at that time, you could see my expression changed in an instant. Luckily they sold some normal batteries there. Still, don't you hate situations where your battery runs out during trips?

It's actually just a long long street with lots of buildings and cafe on both sides. There are some alleys here and there but there's nothing much to see even if you walk into them.

Outside one of the restaurants. Somehow I'm still not used to posing for cameras even after many events like ACG convention and Bon Odori where random people come ask for photos. I think I need to get myself to be more confortable with the camera (> <)

Random flower outside some cafe. I really love the colour!

We had lunch there then head off to the Japanese Village. Unfortunately, while we were waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive, it started pouring. Well, actually it started drizzling on and off while we were still at the French Village. Y U NO SUNNY?!

Arrival at a Japanese hut in the Japanese Village.

In the end, our parents drove us to the Japanese Village thanks to the rain. Upon reaching there, the rain stopped but it started raining again after a few minutes, giving us false hope...

After the rain stopped, we had to walk up to the Japanese Village since cars can't go up there since there was some construction going on. It was a 45 degrees 10 minutes walk and I nearly die of exhaustion. And I was just walking. (-o-)

It rained again when we were exploring... So I had to wear my jacket to prevent myself from getting soaked. (> <) My hair is getting messier and messier (- -) I was standing at this small 'Waiting Hut'.

You can actually enter the tea house but then you need to pay to go in and pay again to wear a kimono. Well, most people ended up crowding outside since Malaysians are just so cheapskate. Haha!

Last picture up there. Took off my jacket since it wasn't raining by that time and I was sweating from all the walking despite the cold weather. Behind me was a Japanese restaurant.

All in all, I prefer the French Village over the Japanese Village since it's more colourful and fun there. The Japanese Village is mostly greenery but I think it's a great place for Japanese themed photoshoots too. (^^) I would consider bringing my Yukata and changed there just for photos, hehe.

It's a really fun place to visit. There are many other activities around the area too which you can check out if you ever go there.

And that sums up my recent trip. I hope there will be some more trips during the upcoming school holidays! \(^^)/

See you soon~!


  1. Aw ^-^ you look beautiful in photos, hah not being comfortable enough when taking pics is also my problem ^^"
    Really bad situation bout battery /-\
    And rain *sigh* /-\
    Definitely, it's a really good idea to photoshoot with yukata :')

    Hope we can also see more updates from you ^-^
    Take Care

  2. Mel- I'm not the only one, hehe (^^) I'll try my best to update as often as possible, ok? (^^)

    SeVeRuSLoVez- Yup!

  3. looks like you had lots of fun!
    and dang, girl, you are so cute!
    love your black hair and dolly makeup~ <3

  4. milk- Thank you! I had lots of fun there (^^)