November 6, 2011

My Birthday Celebration


It was my birthday on 31 October. This post is pretty late, but I thought I should blog about my birthday still.

This was the only picture I had of me that day. As you can see it's blur since the waitress took it... And you can see that I have the smallest birthday cake ever.

I'm not really a cake person so a small cake would do fine. (^^) It's not that I hate eating cakes but it's just that I don't feel like eating them. Do you understand what I mean? (^^;)

I celebrated it at Fullhouse, Wangsawalk. It's a really beautiful cafe and I finally got the chance to go there. (^^) Although it's not as beautiful as it's main branch which I've seen through pictures, I think it's not bad.

Food came in large portions, so were the drinks. We thought that they were quite pricey at first but when we saw that each portion was really big we thought that it was reasonable.

Some pictures of the interior of the cafe before my camera battery died. (- -) It's called a lifestyle cafe since you can actually buy the clothings, accessories, bags and other items displayed there. So it's dining and shopping under the same roof. (^^)

My birthday for this year is pretty simple as you can see. But I was really happy to be able to dine outside with my family. (^^)

It's a rather short post for today. I haven't been taking pictures since I'm having some skin breakout probably from lack of sleep during the exam week a few weeks ago. I have this stubborn, huge pimple at my chin and it hurts so much (; ;) Please go away, I don't want you there (> <)

I will try to blog everyday, so see you soon!



  2. Happy Late Birthday! You are looking cute. And the place you went to is very simple cute!

  3. Love the layout.. i haven't seen anything like this here in NZ~ Asia really does have the best places! Happy Belated birthday too! & happy late halloween ^___^ was it fun celebrating it then?

  4. SadeeStyle- Thank you!

    ELEAN♥R- Aww... Thanks!

    Fanny- Thank you!

    domokun- Thank youu~ ;p

    Nana- Thank you! Yes it is! I would go there again! :D

    Jen- Oh! I had a great time on my birthday! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful cafe!

  6. happy belated birthday :D
    our birthdays are quite close :P

    I celebrated mine yesterday :D

  7. Abbie- Yes it is! :D

    Lilith- Oh! Happy Belated Birthday to you!