November 29, 2011

New layout preview~!


I've been working on the new layout lately and hopefully I'll be able to solve some super confusing html codes. Everything from background, header, fonts, colours, themes and more are going to be changed so this is really challenging as I had to gogle every single step. And to be honest, it's not easy at all...

Well, since I'm working on it, I might as well show you some progress I have made~

Here's the new watermark logo I created. It was inspired by those stamps you get on passports. (^^) I wanted something different from other blog's watermarks so I thought this would look nice.

Here is part of the header pattern. I couldn't find a template which I like online so I actually drew it out myself, scan it then photoshopped it. What do you think?

Lastly, I made a lace pattern which I hope will be possible to put it into the layout. I still can't figure out how yet though... (^^;) I actually scanned a present wrapper with this pattern then photoshopped and made it into a photoshop brush. (^^)

Well, that's it for now. By the way, is there anyone who knows how to deal with blogger layouts? I need any possible help. (._.)

See you then~!
November 24, 2011

Short Update


I'm sorry for not being active in blogging recently (This is not the first time I'm saying this... Am I that bad with time management? (;A;)). I've been really busy with learning things that I don't even have time to sit down and relax.

I wanted to make good use of my 6 weeks school holiday hence I packed it up with tons of to-do list. Stuff like completing my cosplay costume, learning Japanese, learning how to sew etc.

During my short breaks I would watch Kamen Rider Den-O. Well, I've been on a Takeru Satoh craze recently... I wanted to watch dramas and movies where he starred in. Ehehe (^^;) I rarely get interested in male celebrities but somehow he just looked so cute and cool at the same time and that really caught my attention. *Fangirling*

Anyways, I'll try to post more tutorials or looks when my new contact lens arrives. I'm left with the not-so-obvious grey lens now and it doesn't look very dolly like so I don't really have the mood to do dolly looks. Sagepoyo~

Also, I need to keep in mind to do my room tour post soon and to create the new layout for my blog... Seems like I'm adding more stress to myself. *pokerface

I guess that's it for this short post, see you soon!

November 19, 2011

Puffy Eye Bags Tutorial~


Tokyo Kawaii TV which I was featured in has just been aired! I will definitely blog about it. But before that, I'm going to blog about the latest eyemake trend featured in Popteen December 2011.

Puffy eye bags brings out the cuteness and a smiling look. There are many ways of creating it. So I'm going to show you my attempt on creating the Puffy Eye Bags!


To identify where the 'eye bags' should be, smile big and you'll see it!

Here are the products I used to create the 'eye bags'. Kate Designing Eyebrow N Ex-5 and Sugarwhite (Top left corner) by M.A.C.

Once you've identified where you eye bags are, shade that part with Kate Designing Eyebrow N Ex-5. Since it's sort of a shadow, I would recommend you to use a tone for contouring. I mixed the lightest colour and the middle colour.

Next, highlight the puffy area with a highlighter or glitter. And that's it!

Here's a picture for comparison. Left side with the 'eye bags' and right side without. It's really easy to create it, isn't it? (^^)

I went and did that to my other eye too, and here's how it looks. It took me a while to get used to looking at myself with eye bags. But when you get used to it, it actually makes you look cuter and create a puppy eye look.

Why don't you try it out too? (^w~)v

So I was camwhoring and played with my fake glasses (I have perfect vision). Wait, why is everything in this post fake? Fake eye bags and fake glasses...

Anyways, you can see how this look will look like with glasses. I think it looks cute too!

Anyways, how many of you watched that Tokyo Kawaii TV episode where I was featured in?

I wonder when the video will be available online... I really want to download it and burn in into a CD so that I can watch it over and over again on television. I'm crazy and I know that but it's my first time appearing on TV, plus, NHK!!!

Oh, it will be on NHK world tomorrow too. Watch it, will you?! 8(>o<)8 Hahaha~

And that's it for now!

See you soon! (^^)v
November 16, 2011

My Skin Care Routine!


Wanna know my secret to taking care of my skin? (^^)

My skin isn't perfectly flawless, but I guess it's considered as pretty alright since there's only spots and some oil pores.

I used Simple's Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. It's suitable for sensitive like mine. Squeeze a small amount of facial wash onto your palm then rub it between your palm. You want to make it and foamy as possible. Facial wash itself is too harsh to the skin but foam isn't.

Then, apply on damp skin and wash your face in small circular motions. Rinse off.

Next, I would use Simple's Clear Skin Facial Scrub. This product is mild to the skin hence it can be used daily. It also claims to reduce black heads.

I like it since the 'beads' are more fine compared to normal scrub. Perhaps that's why it's suitable for daily use?

Scrubbing is important to remove dead skin cells. Trust me, after you scrub your face, it'll look as if it's glowing! (^^)

After washing my face and drying it with a towel, I would apply toner to my face. I use Simple's Soothing Facial Toner.

On days where I am rushing out somewhere, I would dab it onto my face evenly. But when I have some time, I would soak up cotton pads with the toner and apply them onto my face for about 3 to 5 minutes. After removing the cotton pads, I'll wipe the excess over my face and neck.

As for mosturiser, I used Hadalabo's mosturiser. Sorry but I don't know the specific name (> <)

Sometimes, I would use Origin's GinZing eye cream. It helps to reduce panda eyes. This eye cream is only for morning use.

Of course, not forgetting the lips. For lip balm, I use Mogitate Kajitsu White Peach Flavour by Mentholatum. My lips crack easily since I'm always in air-conditioned rooms...

Lastly, apply Sunblock onto your face and neck. I love this Biore UV Aqua Rich sunblock as it's a water based product. That means there isn't any sticky feeling once you've apply it. It's usable for body too so it saves the trouble of applying different sunblocks. There's some citrus fragrance to it. Personally I like it since it smells refreshing, but maybe others wouldn't like it...

Although I'm usually staying indoors, it is important to apply sunblock to block out UV rays too. Yes, there is UV exposure even if you're indoors too.

And that's how I care for my skin in the morning. As for night time, I would wash my face then apply mask. Sometimes, when I don't have the time to scrub my face in the morning, I'll do that at night instead.

This is the moisturising sleep mask that I use. It's Tri-action Aqua Boost nourishing sleeping mask by Bio-essence. You just have to apply it evenly over your face after cleansing and leave it there until the next morning where you wash it off.

And that's it! If you have any secret techniques you would like to share, feel free to post them under the comments section. After all, we're sharing and learning from each other, aren't we? (^^)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Some pictures were taken in the washroom, haha~


Comic Fiesta Ticketing Preorders

Ohayo Gozaimasu~!

Is anyone free on 17 and 18 December 2011? If you do, then you should come down to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Malaysia, as you would not like to miss your chance to attend the most epic Animation, Comics and Games event of 2011- the 10th Comic Fiesta!

Like previous years, ticket preorders are available this year too! That means you get to skip the looooong queue on the day of the event itself. What's better is that if you preorder your tickets for 2 days, you get to save RM5 so you only pay RM25 instead of RM30 if you are buying the tickets during the event itself.

Why not save some money for the awesome doujins, anime and manga goods?

More details can be found at Comic Fiesta accepts bank transfer, wang pos and Paypal! Tickets are sold at the event itself as well.

Also, tickets are also available at their retail partners - Animetech, Suncomics, LittleAkiba and Cosplayer!

Don't miss out this awesome deal! Hope to see you there! (^^)
November 15, 2011

Gothic Lolita and Sweet Punk Photoshoot

I'm finally finished with editing pictures from the Lolita photoshoot which I did with Angel and Sasure a few days ago. I couldn't wait anymore for them to send their pictures over so I'll just show you what I have now...

First of all, here's a video posted by Sasure of our photoshoot. I don't think the pictures are edited here so you can see how they were like before editing... (My face looks big in some picture. *Desperately wants to slim down*)

As you can see, she has complied three of the photoshoot themes in the video. I hoped you enjoyed watching. I loved it myself and I think that she did a good job in creating the video. (^^) Gokurosama deshita~

Perhaps you'll see some repeating photos in the video and this post later since I've only got some pictures from Angel...

Anyways, let's start with Sasure's Gothic Lolita!

Close up.

Sasure looks really cute, don't you think so? (^^)

As for me, I wore a Sweet Punk dress since only these two dresses were available. Hopefully I pulled it off well...

What do you think? Eyemake for this look is cat eye. I used purple and black eyeshadow then lined my eyes and wing it upwards at the end. As for eyelashes, I used Daiso's half lash and cross type bottom eyelash.

I think I'm still quite still with my pose so I was jumping around during the shoot to soften myself up. (> <) Do let me know what you think!

Well, I guess that's it for now.

See you! (^^)v
November 12, 2011

Tokyo Kawaii Trailer is up!!!


Sorry for the inconsistent blogging. (> <) However, I'm really happy right now because the episode of Tokyo Kawaii TV I was in is going to be out next week!

You can see the trailer on Tokyo Kawaii TV website now! \(^^)/Can you see half my face on the left side?

The episode will be aired on 19 November 2011 in NHK Japan at 11.00pm Japan time and 20 November 2011 in NHK World at 11.00pm to if I'm not wrong...

I'm really looking forward to it! I must not miss it!!

That aside, recently I've been watching lots of drama. One of my favourite ones so far is Bloody Monday. It's about how a Hacker named Falcon is able to hack into many secured systems and saved Tokyo from disasters. Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru are in this drama and I must say that both of them are so cute! (>w<) They are best friends in real life and they are best friends in the drama too. Isn't that nice? (^^)

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'm sorry that I haven't been much active in blogging neither I have much to blog about... Or maybe I'm just too busy fangirling... Ahahahaha.... Just joking. (^^)v

Good night then!