October 25, 2011

Today's haul!

School ended early today so I had the chance to go shopping today! I shopped alone since my friends were either busy or they are shopping somewhere else. #foreveralone

I bought quite some stuff today and here are my hauls~

I'm now a proud owner of Candy Doll cosmetics! When someone asks 'What foundation do you use?' I can now answer 'That famous brand in Japan called Candy Doll produced by a famous model called Masuwaka Tsubasa.'

I'm using tone 1 which is the lightest tone available for the liquid foundation. It's darker than my previous foundation, but it's actually the right shade for my skin. I've been using a shade lighter than my skin before this so I always had to blend it well so that it doesn't seem so fake.

I will be doing a review on these products soon~! (^w~)v You can get these in Malaysia now at Sasa.

Bought two facial masks from Sasa too as I was just RM9 away from RM200 to get a free Sasa 2012 planner (You can imagine how expensive Candy Doll products are in Malaysia). Also bought a Biore sunblock.

Normally I don't use sunblock on my skin. But it's actually important even when you're indoors as you are still exposed to UV rays from lights or the computer screen. Not just to keep your skin fair, but it helps to protect your skin from bad things you wouldn't want.

If you ask me how I used to stay fair, I will tell you to stay indoors. Seriously, that helps in a little way!

Lastly, I went a little bit shopping craze at Daiso again. Pricing every item at RM5 is a really good strategy to increase sales. Haha!

I bought a shower mitten, headband, make up sponges and two packs of snacks. Daiso items are not that bad even at RM5. You can find useful things with pretty good quality there.

And that's all for today's haul! I will be going out again with my friends on Thursday so perhaps I'm going to buy more items... My wallet is going flat this month.

As for tomorrow, I'm going for a one-day trip with my parents and some of my mom's friends along with their families too. We're going to a rabbit farm, Japanese village, French village and maybe to a strawberry farm too! I'm really looking forward to the trip to take beautiful pictures. Hehe!

I need to sleep early to get up early tomorrow, so bye for now! (^^)v


  1. Aww so cute haul~~<3 Dolly Wink! ^0^ Me wants too.

  2. Candy Doll, I love it! I am so jelous, here in Argentina are not aviable for buy!

    I buy in Sasa a Candy Doll mineral face!
    Sasa.com is a good option for buy online japanese cosmetics!

  3. I'd love to see how the foundation looks and works, maybe trit it later.

    Have a great time with the bunnies n_n!

    Bunny kisses (' x ') <3

  4. Such cute gets! Also, your upcoming trip sounds great!

  5. Ii ne. Candy doll cosmetics aren't sold in the Philippines -___- But there's Etude House, Face shop, & tony moly here XDD


  6. I want to try the liquid foundation so baaad *o* Please post a reviewwww :D

  7. wen ♡- Dolly Wink? I think you meant Candy Doll?

    CupcakeChisa- Well, at least you can still get them online. (^^;) There's not much difference in the pricing in stores either.

    ★Mel- I'll be doing a review soon! :D I took so many photos of the bunnies! Will be blogging bout that soon too~

    Abbie- Thank you! I enjoyed it! :D

    Joanna- We have Etude House and Face shop here too. But I've not heard of tony moly...

    Marion ♥- Will do! :D

  8. Have a nice trip, I can't wait to see the pictures!<3

  9. yeee cute haul ^_____^
    have a nice trip hun! x

  10. Jenny- I've posted part one of the pictures already! :D

    тainтed мeмories.- Thanks~