October 23, 2011

A step closer to Nature


Originally I wanted to do a Halloween look tutorial but then my friends from church asked me last minute to go climbing. And no, we're not doing those indoor rock climbing but the real mountain climbing.

I think this is the first time I'm posting about something adventurous, haha (^^)

We went to Bukit Tabur at Melawati. I remember it was five years back went I last went there also to climb. I finished the route without much exhaustion previously but now I couldn't even finish half of it and I felt dizzy already. I'm not fit for sports anymore. (; ;)

But I must say that the view up there was awesome. It gave me motivation to go up there to snap some pictures of mother nature. Well, I like to practice my photography skills anyway. Hehe. (^^)

So I'm going to spam pictures of what I took up there. Hope you don't mind. (^^;)

Proof that I went up there, haha! No make up, who would want to go up there being sweaty and with make up?

With my friends from church. (^^)

What do you think of the pictures? (^^)

It was a very tiring journey up there but I think it was worth it as I got to take some nice pictures. Hehe.

Hopefully I am able to post the tutorial for the Halloween looks soon. There isn't much time left! > < Also, I've just cleaned my room and my dad had helped me to hang the mirror up so I'll be doing a room post soon~! (^^)v

I need some rest now, see you soon~


  1. aww nature is beautiful isn't it? ^^
    you look pretty even without make up :) x

  2. Such beautiful scenery! I would love to hiking there one day!

  3. тainтed мeмories.- I look pale and normal without make up, haha (^^;)

    Abbie- You will enjoy the awesome view once you've reaced the top!!