October 25, 2011

Sophie Monk facial mask review


This is a delayed review, I was too lazy to blog about it. (- -) I've bought this mask called Sophie Monk months ago and was only able to use it a few weeks ago. I know, everything seems so back dated here. (._.;)

They have a few different mask and each has different effects. The one I bought claims to slim face. I have a wide face so it really caught my interest.

After washing my face.

Let's open the packaging~

The packaging is simple yet cute. As I opened and took out the mask from the package, it seemed that there isn't much serum in left in the packaging unlike some other masks I've used before.

With the mask on. It seems like the 'holes' where your eyes, nose and mouth should be seems cramped up in the middle. But wait till you see the worst part. (- -)

The ear hooks are so far from my ears!!!

I'm really disappointed at the size of this mask. I mean, if you're going to be selling a mask to help slimming face, shouldn't it a little bigger since people who have big faces are the ones that wants small faces. (- -;)

What about the slimming face that it claimed?

No, I didn't see much difference unfortunately. Maybe you need to apply it a few times for visible effect. But with the ear hooks so far from my face, I don't think I'll apply it again. For me, I won't be buying this mask anymore since the size doesn't fit my face at all!

However, these are just my opinion as a user. It may differ among others too.

And that's just for now. Will blog soon!


  1. haha i too think this mask will be small for me xD

  2. тainтed мeмories.- Guess it's not only me then! :D

  3. Well..actually u have to pull the ear hook to your ears (It wouldn't be tear apart so easily)..then u can feel the tighten mask sheet.
    it should be design in this way otherwise how come the "uplifiting effects" work?
    Non of the mask sheet can actually work "uplifting" by spreading over the face.

    Give it another try.
    **I'm using this while I'm typing this to u..lol..feeling weird about the chin pulling part..lol**

  4. Miss Elle- The thing is, I tried doing that and it still won't hook on my ears. I have a wide face so maybe that's the problem. :(

  5. Hmm..try what i did..cuz I can see my face is wider than yrs :)
    (yr face is small!! I wish I could have yrs pointy chin..T^T)
    I actually push my ear to the front..(kinda folding it) to get through the hook.LOL
    yea but that mask is making me hard to breathe though.
    but I dun see the RICH moisture effect..
    gosh I still got 4 boxes = =.. that means I still hv to hold my breath for 27 times.

  6. Miss Elle- No way! My face is really wide! > < Usually I cover 1/4 of it on the sides with my hair. That's why I always leave two sides of my hair down...

    You bought so many of it?! I only bought one piece to try...