October 10, 2011

NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV filming!!!


It's been a while since I've blogged. (^^;) So sorry for the lack of updates!

Today I went for Foruchizu's gathering where NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV crew wanted to film Gyarus in Malaysia! I was a little bit late but at least I made it there! Phew!

Not much photos of the whole filming thing, I guess you can see most of it when the episode is aired. *I hope I get more screen time (> <)*

Picture taken by Cheesie~

It was really hot today and everyone was sweating as we walked from KLCC to Corus Hotel. We had tea there and it was mostly chit chat among the gals. I met some of my blog readers and friends there!!!

Well, there was actually a surprise audition going on, about representing Malaysia for the competition called 'KAWAII OF THE WORLD'. Many of us were really shy to admit that we want to join but they said that they'll be emailing us the entry form. \(^^)/ I really hope that I can win. *fingers crossed*

The winner not only gets to go Tokyo, but to walk on Tokyo Girls Collection in March 2012!! Don't tell me that's not awesome enough!!!

Cheesie and Audrey were sooooooo beautiful!!! I've never seen someone so beautiful in real!!! Taking photo beside them made me look so meh... (; ;) I need to work harder to become more Gyaru! (> <)

By the way, I was really touched when Audrey asked me 'Are you Hanie?' and they both actually regconized me. Now that I think about it, I really feel like crying... (._.) I mean, I actually tweeted about them and blogged about them (ok, maybe I kinda 'stalked' Audrey on MSN (_ _;) so sorry...) yet they remembered me. (>w<)

Me & Cheesie

My camera's photo quality is terrible... I really want a DSLR soon... (; ;)

Me with Christy, Audrey and Renae

Yep, I photoshopped the picture so that it looks more 'professional' #stupidcrappycamera

Photo taken by Akiko~

Me with Akiko

Thanks for reading my blog!!! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

Before leaving, they were giving out free magazines!!! Sadly I didn't get them but congratulations to those who got it.

With that, I have posted up all the photos I took with the gals there. There are more, but it's not with me... (^^;) Please send them to me if you have a photo of me at haniekuar@hotmail.com. Thank you!

When most of the girls have left, me, Christy, Renae, Jacqueline and her boyfriend (?), Cheesie and Audrey left the hotel together. I seized the chance to talk to Audrey and Cheesie, haha! They were really sweet!

Oh, before I forget, NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV crew gave everyone souvenirs! I got these false eyelashes (^^)v


Since I went there alone today, I only knew a few people which I known them through Facebook or Twitter. I really have a hard time socializing since I'm more of an INTROVERT. YES, I AM.

'You can never judge a blogger by her blog.'

I may seem to type so many stuff here and always trying to chat with others online but when I'm away from these, I don't know what to talk about with others. I tell myself to interact with people, but my mind goes completely blank at that time.

What should I do?! Any advice? (._.)

That's it for this post. I hope that the episode they filmed today will come out soon!



  1. woww pretty girls very pretty hair :)

  2. Ohhhh what a wonderful opportunity!! You're so lucky to be part of Kawaii TV history heehee! I'm such a huge fan of the show and met bloggers who were on there, and now I meet one more! ^___^ That's awesome you got to meet Cheezy and Audrey too!! :O Awww don't worry, I think you look really cute standing next to them <3 You're naturally a cute girl so don't worry ^___^v

    OMG I know what you mean!! See how I can write so much on blogs and comments, but in real life I'm very quiet and shy. .___. Even at work I too tell myself to talk more, but then I feel really awkward and say stupid things so I shut up. XD

    I would like to know some advice too :( I wish I can be the one to give advice, but I need help too ^^; What I usually do though is think about how I am at home and with my boyfriend because I can be silly and witty and LOUD and obnoxious--! I just don't know how to translate it with other people ^^;

    Good luck with the contest!!! You're so pretty and cute, I'm sure you have a good chance to win!!! Don't let this huge opportunity pass you by, you must enter!! GOOD LUCK SWEETIE!!!!! I'll be rooting for you!! <333

  3. aah agree, it's good to have DSLR with you ^^ what brand u're planning to buy?

  4. Wow! So lucky!! I wished we had something like that over here

  5. SadeeStyle- Yep. (^^)

    Katie- I'm really happy too!! I love that show so much!

    Nah, I don't think I look as cute next to them... ( > <) That's why I need to work harder to become more Gyaru.

    I talk a lot among my close friends too and with my family. But when I'm with others, my duo personality takes over... (- -;)

    I'm still waiting for them to send me a soft copy of the entry form, and I really hope that I can go Tokyo this way since it's quite impossible for me to go there with my savings now... (._.)

    Lina Kim ♥- I've asked my friends and she told me that Nikon is not bad, but many people use Canon too. Any suggestions?

    Jennifer~Vickahh- They are going around the world now, maybe they'll go to your place someday? :)

  6. BB, i know how you feel :( Im an introvert too.. & its so much easier 'socialising' online with people you dont know because.. idk, its just easier to talk via typing >.<

    try the Canon 500D, 550D or 60D - those are the most popular DSLRs I know that people are using right now ^^

    you look so pretty!!

  7. Jen- I'll consider those dslr then. (^^)

  8. Hihi :) Remember me? You look great that day ^^

  9. domokun- Of course! We took picture together, didn't we? (^^)

  10. Ahh how do you get your fringe looking so cute? You must do a post just about it like cutting, styling etc!

  11. Julia- Eh? It was kinda messy that day actually because of the strong wind. > <

    I did a post on cutting fringe before, it's here: http://myau-club.blogspot.com/2010/12/how-to-cut-full-front-fringe.html

    And thanks for the idea of a tutorial about fringe! I will do that soon! :D

  12. How about me? xD
    Woots! Miss our memories

  13. *JacQueliNe*- Of course I remember you! :D