October 21, 2011

NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV Behind the Scenes~

I'm finally free from Nerd Jail™ and I must say that I missed blogging so much!!! I have lots of plans lined up now, so I'll have a lot to blog about, haha!

By the way, remember the NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV x Foruzhizu gathering that I posted about in the last post? I found a video of the Behind-the-scenes by Blivene and I thought it would be great to share.

Did you spot me there? Gosh, I hate how stubby my legs looked! (> <)

Since exams are over, I'll start taking care of my health more. I've been sleeping for an hour or two during examination week. I know it's not good but I'm those that experience insomnia if I don't finish what I need to do. (^^;)

Aside from my health, I told myself not to slouch when I sit. I've been doing that for two days already and I don't know why but my back hurts! Maybe I'm getting old already.... No!!! (; ;) Still I'll maintain it since it's better to sit with a straight back than a slouchy one. Ehehe

By the way, it's ten more days till Halloween, or should I say my birthday!! \(^^)/ I have never experienced Halloween before, not as in going houses for trick or treating.

BUT, I would like to do some tutorials for Halloween! I've only got a few in mind so I need some ideas that you would like to see me doing. Is it okay if it's not something gory? (^^;)

So do leave me some ideas in the comments below! Thank you!

And that's it for now, I'll be updating more for sure!



  1. In the video, you're so cute walking there~ Seriously, so cute ^^
    Hope to see more updates from you soon. So take care ^^

  2. wow everyone is SO gorgeous *0* where do you live?!

    and I did spot you!! you are so beautiful!! im envious ♥

    & I dont think your legs are stubby AT ALL :3

  3. You all looked so cute and pretty ^^ Looks like you had fun too!

    And I've been getting so little sleep because of school as well T^T good that your exams are over though :D

    from tht-christina.blogspot.com

  4. omg was there xiaxue too? o___o
    haha mm maybe cosplay? :) x

  5. That's amazing! I wish I had the chance to attend the event too T^T

    You should do some kind of sexy and cute makeup tutorial for Halloween... like leopard or tiger or something XD

  6. You look so cute! I recently found your blog and the way you do your fringe is really pretty ^^