October 30, 2011

Last day of being 15

Time sure flies fast... I'm going to be 16 real soon...

My 15 years old life has been pretty okay. Looking back, I think I've learned a lot of stuff and have grown more mature. Mostly mentally growth though. Hehe (^^;)

Actually I really miss being 15. I don't think I'm ready to be 16 yet but still I have to cope with the age right? Hopefully I'll have a good 16 years old life ahead. (^^) I can't see what will happen in the future but let's take the past as a lesson and move forward.

Somehow, I'm not very excited for my birthday like I used to be. It just seems that it's a figure of measuring age to me.

I know most people cherish their birthdays and would act as if the whole world has to bow to them on that day. (^^;) But for me, I would like to thank God for letting me live well for the past 15 years. It sure has been meaningful.

Seeing how much I've changed this year does motivate me to be better. Not just in terms of make up and blogging, but I want to have better qualities like better time management, obey to my parents, learn to be not so self-centered and to love others more.

Hopefully by the time I read this post next year, I have changed for a better person then.

Dear 16 years old me, have you been a good girl? I hope you did. I hope you did better than when you're 15. Always remember to be grateful for everything that happened as things happen for a reason. Be thankful to God and people around you. Always look at the positive side of things and be happy. (^^) And as you have told yourself when you were 15, your dream is to make everyone happy and help others to achieve their hopes. Never to feel jealous about others, as jealousy is a sin that you told yourself that it must not be in your thoughts. Understand others before you judge them, stand in their shoes and feel what they feel, and help them if you can. I hope you still remember these thoughts when you were 15. (^^) And again, Happy Birthday.


  1. wow *0* happy soon to be birthday!! you are so young! T_T I really wish I could be 15 again! I don't really remember being 15 too much, I just know I was a completely different person than I am now >.< I hope you sixteen's will be wonderful c:

  2. HAPPY SWEET 16 let me tell you I wish I was so talented at make up and hair as u. Oh well its all about figthing. Kisses.

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  4. Happy Birthday! I remember how I felt when I was turning 16, I didn't feel a difference ^^ You are cute when you are 15 and that won't change when your 16.

  5. OMG! You'll just turn 16?! I thought you're already like 18 years old. You seem so mature! I'm even months older than you but I really look like a kiddo. T___T Anyways, happy sweet 16th birthday to you! Enjoy your special day!


  6. Ohhh being 15 years old feels so long ago for me. WAHHHH! feel so old :(

    LOL @ your letter to your 16 year old self, I am sure you will only grow & learn to be the person you want to be in the near future :)


  7. エミリー❤- Thanks! Hmm... I hope I still remember being 16 in the future! :D

    Pamelicious- It's all practice! I'm sure you can be good at them if you practice too. (^^)

    Nana- Do I really look like that? (^^;)

    Joanna- Yup, I guess people really can't tell my age... :P

    a.tad-bit.dorkii- I hope so too. I want to be a better person after all. (^^)

  8. Happy birthday! I hope sixteen is as good to you as fifteen!

  9. What a lovely progression post this was! I hope your 16th year will be the best yet.

  10. Star♥Dreamer- Thank you! But I hope that it'll be even better! :D

    Abbie- Aww... Thank you!

  11. Girl you are so young!!
    I look more LG than you omg ToT hahaha.

    Anyway. Happy sweet 16! Hope your wishes come true ^_^