September 3, 2011

Recent hauls~


This holiday I didn't go out much, but at least I bought some nice stuff! (^^)

I want to go shopping but my budget is getting tighter and tighter as I need to get quite some stuff for my cosplay. But for the sake of cosplay I'll sacrifice my money for shopping~! (^A^)b

So here's a white top with a black cat. I think it fits for this Autumn's trend. The material is not Autumn wear type since it's baking in Malaysia! (> <)

I used to hate black cats because my hamster was killed by one but I think animated cats are still cute. Lol!

Also, this Autumn features leather pants. I'm not interested in getting a leather one but a close to leather looking type is okay to me. It's also my first black shorts! (^^)

Popteen September issue.

I'm getting lazier to go all the way to Kinokinuya to pick up a magazine so I usually look through the scans first. But reading scans isn't as fun as reading the magazine... (^w^;)

Re-nu contact lens solution.

Previously I used Ciba Vision's Solo Cara Aqua but I couldn't find it in small bottle so I bought this instead. I don't wear contact lens often so buying a big bottle is a waste to me since the solution as to be thrown away after a certain period...

Lastly... A new mirror from IKEA!!!

I wanted to get a mirror long enough to take coordinates for some while already until yesterday when my parents went to IKEA I told them I want to get a longer mirror and they got me this! It's 160cm long so I will have no problems taking coordinate post~! I'm 152cm. (^^;)

So that's it for now! I really hope to be able to go out once more before the final examination. I want to get more Autumn trend's clothings. Hehe...

School is starting again this Monday. I would rather stay at home and do self study but that's just impossible. Sigh...

Well, I will try to post up one more post tomorrow!

See you!


  1. Anyway how old are you? you are still attending school? wow you look so matured.

  2. $moke ♔- I'm only 16. I don't look mature, maybe it's just make up... I have a baby face. Lol

  3. Great haul ! Wow your height is same with mizukitty loh ~ My height is same with my Mai Hirose, ( lol, her name is same with my name >.< ) 160 cm ~

  4. Ii na~~ I envy you cos you live in a country that sells japanese mags T__T Lol srsly. Japanese mags aren't sold in my country so I need to order them online. It costs so much!! Argh.. And omg! You're just 16?! We're the same but you look way mature than me. Nice XD

  5. Maii- Yeah... But she looks taller than me. (^^;) I don't know why but Japanese always looks tall to me even when they're short.

    Joanna- That's too bad. (> <) I know how you feel.. Hopefully one day they'll be sold everywhere. Hehe! I don't think I look that mature... (^^')

  6. haha! i got a mirror from ikea not long ago too! but its 120cm and i'm 165cm. but its already enough!~

  7. Vernice!- You're taller than me... D: My previous mirror was about 1 meter so I when I want to look at my face, I can't see my feet. When I want to look at my coordinate, I can't see my face (- -)