September 2, 2011

More questions answered!!!


I received more questions from my last Q&A post so I'm going to answer them! \(^^)/

I really love answering questions from all of you. At the same time I get more inspirations for topics to blog about! (^^) So please leave me more questions under the comments section! (^w^)v

Here we go!

Maii: how many gal makeup do you have? Can i know the brand?
Hmm... So far I have Dolly Wink and Canmake only. I haven't bought any cosmetic online before. ( ' ^ ' )
As for Dolly Wink so far I have No.1, No.2, No.4, No.5, No.6 and No.8. Where as Canmake I only have Canmake eyelashes No.13

Cherish 유혜연 ♥: Hmm... what to ask huh!? Ok, do I look Korean or Japanese? Hahahaha... anyway, you look cute and I love to read your blog ♥ keep updating! :)
I think you look Korean? That's just what I though... (^^;) You look cute too and I read your blog occasionally too. Hehe (^^)v

Mie: Hello Kitty or Rilakkuma? 8D
Rilakkuma forever~~!!!

Katie: What is your favourite Japanese makeup brand?

I haven't tried many Japanese make up brands yet so I don't have an answer for that yet... Sorry! m(_ _)m

Jilliancat: Which do you prefer, stockings or socks?

Depends. Usually it depends on what I wear. Hehe... (^w^)

maly: Who is cuter , Domo-kun or Sunflower(Plants VS Zombies)?
I find Domo-kun cuter! Sunflower is sweet and kind? Haha! I loved that game but usually I enjoy the mini games especially Whack-A-Zombie! \(^^)/

THT Christina: I just began to follow your blog! But I would like to ask... what made you begin to like Japanese fashion and to learn a bit of the language?
I was first introduced to Japan pop culture through Anime. Until now I'm still an Otaku. Lols... From watching Anime, I told myself that I want to learn Japanese so I can understand without watching the subtitles. But now, I want to learn Japanese because I would like to go there someday!
I guess for Japanese fashion it started with cosplaying. I wanted to learn more about Japanese make up so I googled and found scans of Ageha magazine. Eventually I learnt more about Japanese fashion and got hooked up to Gyaru style. (^^)

Kiwi: "Not sure if you mentioned this but....I'll ask anyway!
Who are your Gyaru inspirations ?
and ...
What is your favourite gyaru fashion theme~? "

I had a post on my favourite Gyaru models but I'll answer it again!

My Gyaru inspirations now is Okarie, Kumicky, Mizukitty, Pikarin, Kaepyon and Tsubasa! My favourite gyaru fashion theme would be sweet style and blogger style. But I like to take inspirations from Okarie, Mizukitty and Pikarin as well.

Jer: "What hair products do you use to keep your hair looking nice?
thanks for the giveaway! ^^"

I just wash my hair and apply conditioner? I use random shampoo and conditioner. Whatever my parents buy. Ahaha... (^^;)

Bebe: "What does your blog's Japanese header mean? And how do I read it?"
It's Myau-Club! You read it as Miao-Club.

Well, initially I started this blog to post up comic strips of Myau-Club, a comic doodle of cats I created. Lol! But then I wanted to switch it to a blog where I share about Gyaru stuff, Anime related stuff, happenings in my life etc. But when I had to think of a new name for the blog, I could only think of using my previous blog name and it just got stucked there. (^^;)

Natalie Chan: "Please do a room tour or a photosession on how you take your pictures!!! :D
It would be appreciated!"

I will need to clean my room for that...(O_O;) But I'll consider it. (^^)
I don't have much techniques on taking good pictures though... I just read random articles online, experiment and ask for opinions. (^^)

heavensent1: Which is better...war or PEACE???
PEACE!!! Why want war??

laurie1993: what is your favorite snack food?
Choco balls! The only snack I can't resist... (- -)

jadavis42: What is your favorite beauty item?
Vaseline moisture locking lotion that saved my super dry skin. Haha!

All questions answered! \(^^)/ This time I got questions where I have to answer in long paragraph. I tried my best to squeeze in all that I wanted to answer or else it'd take a few paragraphs. Haha!

Thank you for your questions! If you have something to ask, please leave them under the comments sections or email me at! I'll wait till when there's more than 10 questions before I answer them~ The more the merrier so please do so!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! (^^)

My blog layout is almost done! I'm left with the header and the little details like font colours and font style. I will so my best! Ganbarimasu!

Good Night! '*`\(^^)/`*'


  1. Do you speak/ read/ talk chinese? ^^ Super random question. And ohyeah where you buy your lens?

  2. thanks for answering ! ^^ so you don't have dolly wink no.3 and no.7? why you no complete it? haha.

  3. Maii- Nope. I only bought those that I like. Hehe...

  4. ouh, haha. I read your old have kiss me eyelashes? That is gal brand makeup right?.. And daiso eyelashes, that is gal makeup too, haha. Have you ever try majolica majorca makeup?

  5. How do you put on fake eyelashes.? I have double eyelids, I find it very hard to stick it on without letting a small space of skin below it seen. Should I put on eyeliner? Lots of love <3

  6. Maii- Oh yeah! I forgot about them lols. Well, actually I don't really know how to differenciate GAL make up brands... It is produced by GAL or used by GAL? If it's used by GAL them M.A.C will be considered as one too...

    missnataliezoey- It's better to line your eyes first if the eyelash band is not clear type. It takes a lot of practice to stick it as close to your eyelash line. And I think it's easier to stick on double eyelids! (^^) Good Luck!

  7. uhm, how to say..emm, japanese makeup that be used by gal? M.A.C is not japan product right?

  8. Maii- I get what you mean now. Then I shall answer again. (^^)

    I have Dolly Wink, Canmake, Kiss Me, Daiso and Kate.