September 23, 2011

More comic strips?


It's really rare for me to say Ohayo. Haha! I don't wake up as early usually... Well, today I didn't go to school since most of the students are going for a trip but I'm not so if I went I would've been really bored.

Anyways, thank you so much for the positive response from my previous 4-panel comic on 'In The Train'. I thought I would share more today. (^^)

Don't you get situations like this often? It's a wonder how some people manage to keep their eyes open when camera flashes!

This happens to me sometimes too. It's pretty annoying when you have to walk back to the camera to set it again, walk back to pose, then walking back to set it again...

So far this has never happened to me before. But have you ever encounter such problems? I thought it would be funny, haha!

I hope you enjoyed reading them! I don't usually draw manga so I hope it's okay. (^^;) Pictures are hand-drawn then scanned.

I got the idea for this from my conversation with my friend at school and I wanted to share it since we ended up laughing so hard at situations like this. Haha!

Perhaps you would like to give me some ideas to draw? (^^) Leave them in the comment section below~!

And that's it for now,


  1. I totally love your comic strips. Self timer haha I know this story, happens to me all the time (>。≪)

    U should make one about shopping
    The first day u see something u want to buy & u haven't got money & the next day you have money and you're about to buy it but u finally can't find it.

  2. lol xD an insect on the camera xDD

    I used to draw similar sketch with the classmate whom share the desk with me (in Italy 2 or 3 students share the same desk)
    that was funny :D

  3. omg they're so cute! xD
    haha i only draw in paper, haven't tried with a tablet yet.. =D x

  4. Mel- Noted! :D Thanks for your idea!

    Lilith- I doodle stuff like this with my friend all the time, it's just that they're not in 4 paneled comic strips. (^^)

    тainтed мeмories.- Thanks! I don't have a tablet... I hand drawn them then scan it into the computer. (^^)

  5. These are really cute! The 'sweat face' is super funny anyway! Please draw more C: