September 25, 2011

Make Up Transformation!


Recently, I found this blog where this Chinese girl is able to change her look with make up. She showed how she does it step by step so it's really helpful if you are able to understand Chinese. But the pictures are mostly self-explainable. (^^)

So I thought maybe I should do a post like that too, for fun. (^^;) I often get comments from people that I look completely different with and without make up. It's kinda awkward for me to hear so since I don't know how to respond... haha...

In the first picture I only wore circle lenses. Second picture is full make up.

I really didn't want to show my naked face... (> <) So many spots, oil pores and black heads...

Here's after applying BB cream.

After conceal, contour and drawing my eyebrows...

I used Antiqued by M.A.C to apply on my eyelids then blend them out till the crease area.

Then, using Espresso by M.A.C, apply to your eyelids then blend it slightly into Antiqued so that it doesn't look as harsh.

Next, mix Antiqued and Espresso and apply it to the half of your lower eye area.

Using Sugarwhite by M.A.C, highlight your brow bone and inner corners.

Line your eyes. I'm going for a Tare me (droopy eye) look.

Apply false eyelashes. I used Daiso Voluminous No.11 and Daiso Half Type No.3 for the top eyelash while Canmake No.13 and Dolly Wink No.8 for the lower eyelash.

My camera has some problems capturing colours and somehow it made my eye looked alien-ish... (- -;)

Lastly, apply blusher, lipstick and lipgloss.

For blusher, I used Rose Quartz by M.A.C. For the lips, I used Myth lipstick and Song and Dance lipglass.

Pictures aren't that nice today... The construction going on at my neighbour's house totally ruined the mood for me to camwhore. It was super annoying!!

Well, I still hope you enjoyed reading this post, since you get to see the flaws on my face... (; ;) I still trying my best to get rid of them but it's not easy. I've never been for facial before so I guess I can say I'm lucky since I don't get acne often. (^^)

That's it for now. Only a few weeks more till the finals and after that, I'm free~~~



  1. You do look different with & without make up .. who doesn't? You look super cute either way though :D our skin looks good!! At least you have even skin tone!! <33 Thanks for this post :) Its so cute ^^

  2. Hanie's before and after makeup...

  3. you look cute with/without makeup ! ^_^

  4. you look so pretty <3 make up really does make us look different. i want to try something like this too ^_^

  5. Omg you look different! love your flawless skin lovely! You look cute =3 x

  6. so lovely, I think u're cute even without make up =D

    don't forget to join my CIRCLE LENS GIVEAWAY , thank you ^^

  7. what a huge difference... after make up you look like a doll :D
    anyway you're cute in both case =)

    is bb cream good? O.o I'd like to test it, but it's really expensive :(

  8. Jen- Well, I guess it's how different it is with and without make up then... My skin isn't THAT good but still okay. (^^;)

    sasure- Don't you see that often? :3

    Maii- Ahaha... Thanks. (^^)

    Nana- Aww...Thanks~

    Jel ♡- Do try!! :D

    тainтed мeмories.- Nah, I have some flaws on my face too.. :( It's really hard to get rid of them...

    Lina Kim ♥- Aww.. Thanks! I've checked out your giveaway. (^^)

    Liith- Haha, I get that often. (^^) Hmm... BB cream is good but it depends on the brand. For some brands their BB creams have a greyish tone so it might not be that nice. I would recommend Skin 79's BB cream with the hot pink packaging. I've tried it before and it's nice. (^^)

  9. lol xD I was sure that "BB cream" was the brand name... ok, I'll try to look for skin 79! thank you :D

  10. Lilith- Oh! I've not heard of that...( > <) You're welcome~

  11. You actually look flawless and extremely cute ! Love your look, I am a new follower on google friend connect :-) Greetings from Italy

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  12. this is so cute! I'm definately gonna go try this out :)

  13. Vale ♥- Oooh! Italy!! Thank you! :D

    Oreo- Do try it! I would be so glad if you do!!

  14. lol ur cute even without wearing makeup =3

  15. I just found your bloggie, it's ultra kawaii muchly 人´∀`).☆.。.:* I followed ~~~
    It would be ultra much honor if you could visit and follow my blog too~~ ♥ It's called "Harajuku Gal"

    {Wynterpon} ~

  16. Lee- Hehe, thanks!

    ウィンターちゃん Wynter Chan (。→∀←。) pakupaku~♪- Thanks for following!! I viewed you blog. (^^)

  17. Everyone looks different with make-up, but I don't think you look completely different - not to the point where it's unrecognizable haha. Some girls look like two different people with and without make-up. You look cute either way =]