September 11, 2011

High Class dining at Cheap Price!

Hello again!

I love dining at high class places since they have special menus that impresses me all the time. Well, it could be the price that 'impressed' me but who doesn't want to try out some high class food? (^^)

In case you haven't heard of this, there is a promotion at several restaurants in Starhill gallery, Kuala Lumpur where you can have high class food and drinks at RM3.60, Rm4.60 and RM10+ for the chef selections. The promotion is only available from 3pm to 6pm daily so please make sure you go there at the right time!

I went to one of the restaurants having that promotion called 'Shook!' with my family today. Well, some food were really worth it but some weren't...

I had this Clam Pasta alio de olio. It was really nice!

Also Salmon Fish Tempura with noodles.

I also ordered Tropical Blend. It's a mixture of various tropical fruits! (^^)

Here are soem other food we ordered... It's a sandwich but I'm not sure what was in it... (> <)

A Chinese style noodle.

Sushi too!

My mom asked the waitress about how long will this promotion last. She told my mom that for their restaurant, the promotion only last till the end of this month. However, the promotion still goes on for other restaurant in that area.

I think if you're in Kuala Lumpur or you are coming to visit, this place is a must go! Starhill gallery has really unique restaurants and many branded shops. Oh! Do check out their restrooms too! No kidding!

It's going to be Mooncake Festival tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain! How many of you are celebrating Mooncake Festival? How do you celebrate it at your place? (^^)

Well, see you soon~!


  1. lol you ordered a lot of things XD

    I'd be happier ordering a simple chocolat cake by a low price and nothing else X3

  2. Akiko- CHeap prices tend to get me... Ahaha...

  3. The food looks delicious. I'll keep in mind to visit these high class restaurants if i ever visit Malaysia :3

  4. Jen- Well, you can find delicious food almost everywhere in Malaysia. (^^)