September 8, 2011

Gyaru bloggers impersonations!


I realise that I have not been posting up photos of myself recently. I've been so lazy to put on make up. (-3-)

Anyways, here are some photos which I took for fun along with photos of the next post. Usually the more camwhore pictures I take, the more silly expressions I make but I don't really post them up. Hehe (^^;) This time, it's photos where I try to impersonate some Gyaru bloggers...

Here I'm impersonating Yaptus's hairstyle where she tied two ribbons with her hair.

Can you guess whose impersonation this is?

It's Mizukitty! I noticed that she always smile with her tongue sticking out from her teeth. It's really cute!

Lastly, it's Yunkoro! I don't really mention about her in my blog but I think that she always looks so gorgeous! I read her blog once in a while and I notice that she sometimes take pictures of half of her face.

So what do you think about these impersonations? Any other that you want to see? I might try them out! (^^)

That's it for now, hopefully there's time to blog tomorrow...

Good Night!


  1. Awww this is so cute. do more impersonations!

  2. Wow! I so like your hair!! you look like Tsubasa in the pic~ Very kawaii!

  3. wahh! You're pictures are so adorable~

  4. $moke ♔- Give me some ideas then~ :P

    Jendee- Thank you!

    wintergurl- Aww... thanks!

    Yumii- Thank youuu~!

    Anna- Thanks! (^^)v

  5. I think you did a better job!!! It looks more cute and fuller! Did you wore this outside? Im sure you'll get so many compliments too <3

  6. Yapo Nightroad- Hehe, thanks (^^) But I think you look cute too! I haven't worn this outside. I migt get stared at with this but I'll try to wear it out someday. Hehe!

  7. awww you look soo cutee <33
    lovee the hairstyle on youu ;D <3

  8. Haha, I also smile often with my tongue between the teeth! Just unintentionally, it just happens all time :D

  9. just Jennifer :3- Ehehe... Thanks!

    Sam Murakami- Ah! That's really cute! :D