September 25, 2011

Make Up Transformation!


Recently, I found this blog where this Chinese girl is able to change her look with make up. She showed how she does it step by step so it's really helpful if you are able to understand Chinese. But the pictures are mostly self-explainable. (^^)

So I thought maybe I should do a post like that too, for fun. (^^;) I often get comments from people that I look completely different with and without make up. It's kinda awkward for me to hear so since I don't know how to respond... haha...

In the first picture I only wore circle lenses. Second picture is full make up.

I really didn't want to show my naked face... (> <) So many spots, oil pores and black heads...

Here's after applying BB cream.

After conceal, contour and drawing my eyebrows...

I used Antiqued by M.A.C to apply on my eyelids then blend them out till the crease area.

Then, using Espresso by M.A.C, apply to your eyelids then blend it slightly into Antiqued so that it doesn't look as harsh.

Next, mix Antiqued and Espresso and apply it to the half of your lower eye area.

Using Sugarwhite by M.A.C, highlight your brow bone and inner corners.

Line your eyes. I'm going for a Tare me (droopy eye) look.

Apply false eyelashes. I used Daiso Voluminous No.11 and Daiso Half Type No.3 for the top eyelash while Canmake No.13 and Dolly Wink No.8 for the lower eyelash.

My camera has some problems capturing colours and somehow it made my eye looked alien-ish... (- -;)

Lastly, apply blusher, lipstick and lipgloss.

For blusher, I used Rose Quartz by M.A.C. For the lips, I used Myth lipstick and Song and Dance lipglass.

Pictures aren't that nice today... The construction going on at my neighbour's house totally ruined the mood for me to camwhore. It was super annoying!!

Well, I still hope you enjoyed reading this post, since you get to see the flaws on my face... (; ;) I still trying my best to get rid of them but it's not easy. I've never been for facial before so I guess I can say I'm lucky since I don't get acne often. (^^)

That's it for now. Only a few weeks more till the finals and after that, I'm free~~~

September 23, 2011

More comic strips?


It's really rare for me to say Ohayo. Haha! I don't wake up as early usually... Well, today I didn't go to school since most of the students are going for a trip but I'm not so if I went I would've been really bored.

Anyways, thank you so much for the positive response from my previous 4-panel comic on 'In The Train'. I thought I would share more today. (^^)

Don't you get situations like this often? It's a wonder how some people manage to keep their eyes open when camera flashes!

This happens to me sometimes too. It's pretty annoying when you have to walk back to the camera to set it again, walk back to pose, then walking back to set it again...

So far this has never happened to me before. But have you ever encounter such problems? I thought it would be funny, haha!

I hope you enjoyed reading them! I don't usually draw manga so I hope it's okay. (^^;) Pictures are hand-drawn then scanned.

I got the idea for this from my conversation with my friend at school and I wanted to share it since we ended up laughing so hard at situations like this. Haha!

Perhaps you would like to give me some ideas to draw? (^^) Leave them in the comment section below~!

And that's it for now,
September 19, 2011

An unfortunate situation in the train

Today it was really crowded in the train! Just as I found somewhere to hold onto in the train, a fat lady came and held it too. Then, she leaned her body towwards the pole!! I was terrified as her belly squished my hand on the pole... (> <) When she finally moved away from the pole, I quickly pull my hand back...

I really hate situations like this when I'm taking the train. It's really freaky! Has it ever happened to you before? What are your bad experiences in the train?

By the way, what do you think if I post up posts like this on days when I'm busy? Is it interesting to read? (^^;) Please let me know!

Well then,

See you~
September 16, 2011

Hello Kitty Inspired Look!


I've been really busy with school lately till I didn't even have the time to update anything... (; ;) I fall asleep soon after I reached home and wake up in the middle of the night. School is so tiring that I feel like skipping it almost everyday. But I kept telling myself to hang on as there's just one more year left. (;^;)

Pushing those rants aside, I realised that I have not blogged for days! So I tried my best to squeeze in a post even though I'm still not done with my piled up homework...

Here's the eyemake for this look!

For this look, I tied two ponytails and teased them. I also added a ribbon as it's Hello Kitty's signature accessory!

Kitty Nyan~

I hope I have more time to blog... But with the coming finals, it doesn't seem so. Finals are really important to me so I might have to delay several post.

Nevertheless, I'll try my best to keep my blog alive for the next few weeks until the finals are over. And then, I'll be able to concentrate on blogging and getting my cosplay ready!

I guess that's it for now. (^w^;)
September 11, 2011

High Class dining at Cheap Price!

Hello again!

I love dining at high class places since they have special menus that impresses me all the time. Well, it could be the price that 'impressed' me but who doesn't want to try out some high class food? (^^)

In case you haven't heard of this, there is a promotion at several restaurants in Starhill gallery, Kuala Lumpur where you can have high class food and drinks at RM3.60, Rm4.60 and RM10+ for the chef selections. The promotion is only available from 3pm to 6pm daily so please make sure you go there at the right time!

I went to one of the restaurants having that promotion called 'Shook!' with my family today. Well, some food were really worth it but some weren't...

I had this Clam Pasta alio de olio. It was really nice!

Also Salmon Fish Tempura with noodles.

I also ordered Tropical Blend. It's a mixture of various tropical fruits! (^^)

Here are soem other food we ordered... It's a sandwich but I'm not sure what was in it... (> <)

A Chinese style noodle.

Sushi too!

My mom asked the waitress about how long will this promotion last. She told my mom that for their restaurant, the promotion only last till the end of this month. However, the promotion still goes on for other restaurant in that area.

I think if you're in Kuala Lumpur or you are coming to visit, this place is a must go! Starhill gallery has really unique restaurants and many branded shops. Oh! Do check out their restrooms too! No kidding!

It's going to be Mooncake Festival tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain! How many of you are celebrating Mooncake Festival? How do you celebrate it at your place? (^^)

Well, see you soon~!
September 9, 2011

DIY Purikura tutorial!


Purikura are just so awesome, aren't they? I've only taken once because as much as I know, you can only find Purikura booths in Genting Highlands. I posted my first Purikura experience photos a long time ago so here's the link if you want to check it out. (^^)


Since there aren't any Purikura available around my area, I would like to show you how you can create a fake Purikura photo by using photoshop! You will need to download some brushes and styles and here are some of my recommendation~

Purikura brushes + stamps + background

Just a few that are common in decorating Purikura.

In case you're wondering, I'm using Photoshop CS5. I don't know about other versions since I've been using this version all this while and I like it. (^^) I hope you know a few basic stuff in Photoshop so you can understand better.

Before editing. It's best if you have an Purikura photo as a guide.

Next, brightening and contrast. You want to to be really bright just like in Purikura booths where they have lots of lights in there. However, you don't want too much contrast in your picture. Purikura booth's lights lights up your entire face you see.

Under filter, select blur then surface blur. Set the radius of the blur then the threshold value. I set mine as 5.

This gives a more matte feeling to the photo.

Here comes the troublesome part. Covering your background. Be really careful at this and zoom while covering if it helps! Also, colouring on a new layer is safer too!

Now that you've done that, there might be some spaces in between. Or sometimes it looks too harsh. To soften it, blur the edges using the blur too with strength set to 100%.

Now the fun part! Add on decorations and writings using photoshop brushes. Just google whicheve you like and download them! \(^^)/

Also, if you want to achieve the big eyes effect, simply go under filters then select liquify. Use Bloat tool to create big dolly eyes. Click or when you're satisfied.
Next, select quick mask mode then colour on your eyes. Exit quick mask mode, then press 'Shift' + 'Ctrl' + 'I'. Adjust the contrast level as you wish. (^^)

And that's it! It's really simple you see. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I will try my best to answer them!

What do you think of my Purikura photo? I did it in a hurry so I hope it looked nice... (^^;)

Anyways, here are some camwhore pics~

Well then,

See you soon!
September 8, 2011

Gyaru bloggers impersonations!


I realise that I have not been posting up photos of myself recently. I've been so lazy to put on make up. (-3-)

Anyways, here are some photos which I took for fun along with photos of the next post. Usually the more camwhore pictures I take, the more silly expressions I make but I don't really post them up. Hehe (^^;) This time, it's photos where I try to impersonate some Gyaru bloggers...

Here I'm impersonating Yaptus's hairstyle where she tied two ribbons with her hair.

Can you guess whose impersonation this is?

It's Mizukitty! I noticed that she always smile with her tongue sticking out from her teeth. It's really cute!

Lastly, it's Yunkoro! I don't really mention about her in my blog but I think that she always looks so gorgeous! I read her blog once in a while and I notice that she sometimes take pictures of half of her face.

So what do you think about these impersonations? Any other that you want to see? I might try them out! (^^)

That's it for now, hopefully there's time to blog tomorrow...

Good Night!
September 5, 2011

Vita cosplay update!


I'm sorry for not blogging yesterday even though I said I wanted to... m(_ _)m I had to finish up my holiday homework. (- -) I'm such a last-minute person...

Anyways, today I finally went to the tailor for my measurements to be taken for my Vita cosplay outfit!

Have you ever tailor made any costumes before? Somehow I get really embarrassed when people start measuring my size. I'm afraid that they will know that I didn't grow or I grew at the wrong places... Fats, I mean. (-///-;)

Here I'm showing you the sketch I drew to show the tailor how it should be. Tomorrow I might be going to buy some cloth after school! I'm so excited for this cosplay!

I'm going to make this cosplay awesome with limited resources. Wish me luck! (^^)v

I know it's a short post but I'm really behind with my revisions for finals. I want to blog too... (;^;)

Well, see you soon~!
September 3, 2011

Recent hauls~


This holiday I didn't go out much, but at least I bought some nice stuff! (^^)

I want to go shopping but my budget is getting tighter and tighter as I need to get quite some stuff for my cosplay. But for the sake of cosplay I'll sacrifice my money for shopping~! (^A^)b

So here's a white top with a black cat. I think it fits for this Autumn's trend. The material is not Autumn wear type since it's baking in Malaysia! (> <)

I used to hate black cats because my hamster was killed by one but I think animated cats are still cute. Lol!

Also, this Autumn features leather pants. I'm not interested in getting a leather one but a close to leather looking type is okay to me. It's also my first black shorts! (^^)

Popteen September issue.

I'm getting lazier to go all the way to Kinokinuya to pick up a magazine so I usually look through the scans first. But reading scans isn't as fun as reading the magazine... (^w^;)

Re-nu contact lens solution.

Previously I used Ciba Vision's Solo Cara Aqua but I couldn't find it in small bottle so I bought this instead. I don't wear contact lens often so buying a big bottle is a waste to me since the solution as to be thrown away after a certain period...

Lastly... A new mirror from IKEA!!!

I wanted to get a mirror long enough to take coordinates for some while already until yesterday when my parents went to IKEA I told them I want to get a longer mirror and they got me this! It's 160cm long so I will have no problems taking coordinate post~! I'm 152cm. (^^;)

So that's it for now! I really hope to be able to go out once more before the final examination. I want to get more Autumn trend's clothings. Hehe...

School is starting again this Monday. I would rather stay at home and do self study but that's just impossible. Sigh...

Well, I will try to post up one more post tomorrow!

See you!