July 12, 2011

Summer style coordinate + Recent favourite album!


I came back from the trip on Sunday night yet I still haven't post it up yet, sorry! I took hundreds of photo and I'll need some time to filter them through.

This trip was actually terrible. Terrible tour guide, terrible near-death experience, terrible schedule etc. I'll tell you more on those terrible things when I post about that trip. Sigh...

Before that, I'll show you my coordinate for the trip!

Onepiece- Cotton On
Sandals- Cotton On

Bandana- Chameleon
Top- Reject Shop
Bottom- No brand
Sandals- Cotton On

I think long skirt makes me look taller!

Hat- No brand
Top- Lady Hathaway
Bottom- No brand
Necklace- My mom's (haha)
Belt- No brand
Sandals- Cotton On

I didn't have any time to put on my usual make up so I only put on eyeshadow and mascara. I hope the coordinates will help me look better? Haha. All coordinates were matched with the same pair of shoes as I think it's quite a hassle to bring many shoes for a 3 day 2 nights trip which was spent mostly on bus?

So tell me what you think of the coordinates! I'm not very good with matching clothes so I need your opinions. (^^;)

Thank you~

Also, I just downloaded Nishino Kana's New Album, 'Thank you, Love'. Some of the songs are really beautiful!

Here are the list of tracks in this album.

1. *Prologue*~Sunrise~
2. Esperanza
3. Clap Clap!!
5. Together
6. Distance
7. I'll be there
8. Every Boy Every Girl
9. Where are you?
10. If
11. Alright
12. Kimitte
13. Wishing
14. *Epilogue*~Thank you, Love~

Download: Gotupload

I love especially this song, 'Flower', somehow the melody touches me I almost teared. Haha! Do listen to it!

And that's it for now, will blog soon!


P.s: This Saturday is Bon Odori! Who's going?


  1. this coordinates are great :)
    my favourite style ;3
    is it usamimi in second pic? or just scraft ?

  2. Chii- thanks! It's a bandana tied into an usamimi!

  3. Marjolein Hoekendijk- Thank you!