July 7, 2011

Shopping with Angel + Mini haul~


Today is my school's Report Card day so we get to go back early! As my mom works at the town center, I thought I should go out and shop for some stuff before I go on the trip with Angel! Well, actually at first we wanted to ask Jessie to come along but then she couldn't make it ( > <)

Here's Angel~

And here's my outfit of the day.
I didn't put on make up as I have packed them for the trip so I didn't want to mess up my stuff. Anyways, I was going for a summer-ish tourist-y style so I wore the hat! Normally I don't wear hats... I should've worn better shoes too. Now my feet hurts (; ;)

I was trying to find nice clothings and shoes but most stuff that are nice here are expensive (- -;) In the end I could only get a few items...

So here's my mini haul!

Two Popteen magazines for me to enjoy during the ride in the bus.

Recently I've been trying to save money so I only go and collect my magazines at the beginning of the month when the previous magazine has arrived and the next issue has arrived too. Haha!

Onepiece from Cotton On.

I love onepieces! Glad to add another into my closet!

Sandals from Cotton On too.

Can you guess how much they were?

When I saw the price tag behind stating it's RM29.90, I thought, I guess I'll just buy it since it looks fine and the price is affordable. But when I took it to the counter the sales assistant told me that it was only RM15! SO glad I got this!

Some other items I got from Daiso.

A box to keep my lashes properly and a new pair of bottom lash! Haha!

Previously I've received a comment asking me how many pair of Dolly Wink I owned and I replied 6. And 6 Dolly Winks add up to around RM300. I didn't realise that till I was told, yet I really love false eyelashes... (^^:) Ahahaa...

And that's it for today. I will be taking lots of photos of the trip! Yay~!

See you soon!


  1. That's such a cute that that you're wearing! I want one ^_^ I want to buy more Japanese magazines but they get so expensive to buy ;A;

    Wow! That's a lot of money for Dolly Winks o.o

  2. I love the floral one piece, you should have a pic of it on cuz clothes always look different on. I havnt seen the new popteen mags for a while and I want some T__T
    I have the super old ones or ish new ones haha.
    False eyelashes can get pricey *sigh* I would love to see what those ones look like on.

  3. Lizzie ♥- Thank you!

    キャセデイ姫- You mean my coordinate? They get really costly when you buy every issue. But I'm learning stuff from them so I think it's worth it.

    kuumelon- I wore it during the trip so you'll see it soon! I will show how the false eyelashes look like soon!