July 28, 2011

The Reason Behind Unsuccessful Diets!!!


Have you ever tried going on a diet but gained back more fats than before you go on a diet?

If yes, this is called a rebound!

Yesterday, while I was watching some videos on Youtube, I came across this video that explained about why some people gain more weight than before they go on a diet.

I thought it was really nice to understand how our body works so I'm going to tell you what they have said in the video. I'm not very good in Japanese, but I will give my best in explaining the important points to you. (^^)

Summer, the season where people will wear thin clothings...

You, who are thinking of going on a diet, but is facing some troubles.

Here is Nakamura-san who's 52kg before she went on a diet. A month later, her weight decreased to 50kg! However, soon later the rebound process occurred and her weight increased to 55kg! That's 3kg more compared to before going on a diet.

Among 4 women, 3 of them had experienced a rebound process.

So they looked for the best professional in treating overweightness, Ono Makoto-sensei. He was the person who found out the way to measure body fat. Ono-sensei is going to tell us why rebound process occurs!

First, Ono-sensei explained that in human's body, 60% to 70% are made up of water. Even our body muscles contains water. However, only in body fats, water and fats cannot be combined together so there is no water in fats. And by using a electrical body fats measurer, it will tell you how much fats you have on your body.

For women the ideal body fat in her body shouldn't exceed 25% but for men it's 30%.

Then, the guest explained the dies the has gone through. Ono-sensei commented that he thinks that if you lose weight too fast, it's most likely that a rebound process will occur. He also said that no matter what type of diet you are going through, there should be a pause of a month.

The first month of a diet is the most important of all. At this phase, you body is experiencing a major change so if you underwent an extreme diet, it's very likely that a rebound process will occur.

They showed a picture of Takana-san before her diet. She was 57kg. After a month, she was 52kg. However, her weight increased to 63kg soon after, which is 6kg more compared to before she went on a diet.

Ono-sensei then explains how the rebound process occurs. Let's say the daily energy needed is 100. If you eat 100 amount of food a day, you will not gain weight. But if you consume 150 amount of food, the remaining 50 will turn into fats stored in your body.

Let's say a person goes on a diet. The amount of food consumed is 80. This means that there are remaining 20 amount of food left to be filled up with. How will your body fill up the remaining amount? Your body will use the fats stored to fill it up. And this will make you slimmer.

So if this goes on for a month and the person can cope with it, the amount of food needed will decrease from 100 to 80. So if the person continues to consume 80 amount of food for a month, there will be no increase or decrease in the person's weight. And this is called the pause during a diet.

Ono-sensei also explained that if you keep decreasing the amount of food intake, your body will eventually be lacked of energy and it will break down. Many symptoms such as skin break outs, hair fall and menstruation disorder will show.

One of the guest commented that when she was a student, she experienced an apple diet. The results were that her weight decreased rapidly from 50kg to 38kg. However, her hair keeps falling off when she got thinner.

Then, Ono-sensei said that most people don't want to experience a pause in dieting. Since they have decrease their food intake, they hope to see that their weight will decrease too. So they will change their way of eating.

In our body, when we are full already, leptin will send a message to our brain telling us that we're full already. However, when there is not enough leptin due to a very low calorie diet, the signals cannot be sent to the brain hence causing us to uncontrolled food intake.

And there! I've translated all the important points of this video. I hope you learnt something because I sure learnt a lot! Science is usually boring to me but when it comes to dieting stuff, I get really interested in it.

I hope you understand my long translation. I wanted to make sure that you understand it well (^^)

Now that we know how our body works and what type of diet we should undergo, I wish you good luck in slimming down! \(^^)/

See you soon!!!


  1. thanks for sharing this interesting fact. I've never been on diet though. actually, I need to gain some weight instead.. hahah..

  2. Lina Kim ♥- I'm want to be like that too.... (> <)

  3. thanks for sharing this !
    next week will be fasting month for all muslims ! kyaa ~ i hope i lost more kilo than last year..last year is 4 kg >.<

  4. Maii- Wow, you lost 4kg because of fasting? O_O My friend remained the same. Haha~